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It is never too late to realize the need of being a more organized person. Many successful people have a sorted lifestyle and like to keep things in order.

There are a lot of benefits of having a clutter free environment and habits. If you are also thinking to adopt some new resolutions to be a more organized person then start by following these five habits:

  • Find the right place

A major change in the habits is often initiated by a good environment. So, begin by clearing off the unwanted matter around yourself. Make a right place for each item in your house, on your desk and infrequently used places like cupboards.

Bring a pen stand to keep the stationary, make files for the papers you need to store for future reference and compartmentalize the drawers for keeping different things at one place. It is a great way to be more organized and fetch things faster. If you want to be more efficient, make a list of the items in each section and stick it over the surface.

  • Pen down everything

It is quite natural for a human being to forget things and this is where the main chaos happens. Making a to-do list can sort a lot of your tasks in daily life. Even research says that writing helps in remembering the facts even more.


You can create this list either on the mobile or just on a piece of paper and glue it on a place sure to grab your attention next morning, like fridge door or mirror.

  • Do things before time

Yes, organized people do not keep the things pending for the next day. A habit of waiting for the deadline or due date creates piles of work and burden for the future. So manage the work according to priority and try meeting them all in a prescribed time period. Also, once you start doing something, try finishing it off as soon as possible.

  • Put reminders

Use our smartphone to make your life more organized. Set alarms and reminders, with titles describing the message like; wear formals for the meeting at 10am tomorrow. You can save a lot of time by making such schedules for your day-to-day priorities and commitments. It is not going to consume more than 5 minutes, just make a habit of adding these reminders once before you go to the bed.


  • Be positive

Bringing a change in the lifestyle is not an easy task. You can achieve an organized life only when you challenge yourself. And learn to say no to what you do not want to do, to be a better person. An organized man is always ahead of the ones who have a clutter in their minds. It not only improves the personality, but makes a person more productive than before.

There is no specific plan or time to organize things in life. It is only about thinking differently and acting in a more sincere way. What next? Just get a pen and a pad to start looking for the areas you need to work upon to be a more organized person!


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