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Living in a sharing accommodation enables you to save a significant amount of money. Most importantly, you get a companion in the form of your roommate. However, often roommates get into conflicts due to difference in opinion and shared responsibilities. This article will share some vital tips and  suggestions u to escape such unsolicited instances.


Have regular interactions and communications with your roommate

The root cause of all conflicts is miscommunication and misunderstanding. As both of you come from different background and hence, it is obvious that there will be certain differences between you two in terms of orientations and values. The only way to balance the interest is to have regular communications with your roommate.

Be accommodating and flexible

If you want to escape conflicts with your roommate, you need to be accommodating and flexible. Respect each other’s commitment and be ready to give priority to the purpose of your roommate as and when the situation demands.

Share the tasks of cleaning and managing the premises

Since both of you are enjoying the premises, you two hold the equal responsibility to maintain the place. Hence, you should share the cleaning and other similar tasks between yourself. This will definitely enable you to avoid conflict with your roommate.

Don’t let your stuff to lies scattered here and there

It is obvious that if your roommate finds that your stuff is lying scattered all over the place, he/she will find it irritating. Hence, you need to be organized and keep your belongings in the right place. This is a simple step to keep your roommate happy and hence, to avoid conflicts and quarrels.


Be ready to share a few stuff with your roommate

Remember, your roommate is your closest companion so long you two share the same room. Hence, it is important to have a cordial and warm relation with your roommates. As such, never hesitate to share a few things with your roommate. This will strengthen the relationship between you two.

Label your stuff

It often gets to see that roommates are quarreling for one using some stuff of the other person. Even if it happens unknowingly, your room partner may have certain reservations about sharing stuff in between. Hence, you two should always label your own stuff. This will enable you to escape the instances of using each other stuff.

Stand beside each other when the situation demands so

As you two are living together, you must stand beside each other when the situation demands. For instance, if your roommate is not keeping a good health, take him/her to the doctor or get your room partner the necessary medicines. This will develop a cordial relationship between you two and will enable to escape the instances of conflicts and quarrels.


Never dispose the load of stress on your roommate

You should refrain from disposing your stress and frustrations on your roommate. Remember, your room partner will have stresses and frustration of their own. As such, if you two start disposing the stress on each other, you two only end up in severe conflicts.

Don’t expect your room partner to be the epitome of perfection

As you have your own strength and weakness, so does have your roommate. Never ever expect him/her to be perfect. Hence, you should have regards for the person as for how he/she is.

Share a few common expenses with your room partner

There will be some expenses for common purposes. To avoid conflicts and quarrels, it will be wise to share such expenses.

These vital tips suggested above will definitely assist you to avoid conflicts and quarrel with your roommate and hence, lead a happy life.

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