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February 5, 2017
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February 5, 2017
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You won’t find anyone giving you health advice or overall wellbeing tips and not mention the significance of water. Indeed “water” is one of the most vital elements without which it is impossible to maintain good health, healthy weight, flawless skin or energy. But, what most people tend to ignore is explaining how to increase your water intake.

Most of us understand the importance of water, but, still find it very difficult to consume the apt amount of water. So, here are 6 ways which you can leverage to increase your water intake and get all the health benefits that water offers.

  • Keep It Within The Sight

One of the most practical ways of enhancing your water intake us by keeping it available within your hand’s reach. When you develop the habit of keeping a water bottle nearby, you will drink it more often and will not wait till you feel thirsty to reach a glass of water. So, always carry a bottle of water wherever you go.


  • Always Think Water As An Alternate To Other Drinks

Once or twice a day, you want to drink a soda, a packaged juice or other fluids quench your thirst. Whenever you feel like this, make a rule, that you will first have a glass of water and then you will have the fluid that you want. This will help you in two ways, first, you will increase your water intake and second, most of the times, when you drink water you don’t feel the desire to have the soda or any other things. So, you will end up consuming lesser calories.

  • Make Water More Interesting to Drink

When you make water more palatable, it becomes easier to consume. You don’t necessarily need to consume plain water, but, you can add some flavorings in water to make it more interesting. For instance, you can make fruit, water, by putting a few slices of fruits in the water contained in a glass container overnight, and the next day you can consume it. You can put slices of strawberry, kiwi, orange, a few mint leaves, etc. Drinking fruit infused water has its own health benefits. Moreover, you can consume unsweetened teas or lemonades.



  • Drink Water Half An Hour Before Meal

This is one of the best water intake practices that helps you not only to drink enough water through the day, but, also helps you consume less calories during meals and control your weight. It has many other health benefits as well. Thus, whenever possible, drink a glass of water before meals.


  • Drink Water Right After You Wake Up

While water has a lot of health benefits to offer irrespective of the time you drink it, but consuming it in the mornings is like a boon for your body. When you drink water empty stomach, even before you brush your teeth (yes, you heard it right), you strengthen your immune system kick start your metabolism and enhance the beauty of your skin. Moreover, it’s a habit which is easy to remember and follow.

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