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February 5, 2017
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Everything from the flight to the hotel booking needs to be perfect to make a holiday memorable. Many people are most likely to overspend during their stays at the luxurious resorts during trips. Though, it is bearable to go beyond the desired budget to some extent, returning home with some bucks saved can double the fun of a holiday.

How to save those extra bucks?

Take hold of memberships

Registering oneself with the resort’s membership programs or the rewards program is of great use. By availing them, you can accumulate points upon every penny you spend.  Do take advantage of the student discounts, employees’ benefits and a lot more before you check-in the resort.



Also, ask the resort staff about the period of redemption for these loyalty points, if it is flexible then you can use the points on your next visit. However, in another case, try redeeming them at the time of checkout itself.


Look for the perks

Many of us book a resort packages with little or no knowledge about what is included for free or at discounted rates and what is not. And at the end, pay a huge amount for the recreational activities at a resort.


It is always better to check what is complimentary along the room bookings. Consider having pleasure from all the complementary services like free drinks, breakfast or spa setting.



Save on food

Try to be flexible with the eating plans on a stay at a resort to save more money. Make sure you have some snack items packed along in the luggage. Basically because the stores inside the resorts charge extra for the stuff, so avoid purchasing things from them.

Many good resorts have a mini fridge provided in the room. You might also have a microwave in your room; use it to prepare the mini meals in between instead of going at the expensive resort restaurant.

Save on fuel

You can ask your resort if they have a shuttle service for visiting the nearby places or even back to the airport. Some of the resorts have their partner cab service providers that can be booked easily and are cheaper than the local taxis.

Let them know the occasion

If you have planned the vacation for some reason say birthday or anniversary, do let the resort officials know about it. This is a good way to grab some free treat. Suppose you order a birthday cake and a table in advance at the restaurant, they might offer you their best table with flowers and complimentary drinks to celebrate.

Keep checking the web

Resorts have a flush of visitors during the festive season or when it is the break time for most of us. They do come up with new offers and deals every day to attract people during these days.

If you are already in the resort, there is an upper hand for you to book yourself in with those deals as soon as possible. So keep an eye on the resort offers going running currently to make the most of the stay in a resort.


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