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Staying in a hotel when you are traveling is a common practice, and we never tend to think beyond it. But, there are many better, cost-effective and comfortable options to choose for your stay during your vacation, which can make your trip a memorable one for the lifetime. While accessing a hotel is very easy, but the experience that you can get from a vacation rental is worth ditching the hotel.

When You Need A Separate Room for Your Kids

Most of the vacation rentals offer the separate room for kids, whereas in the hotel you only get a single room for the family or you have to book extra rooms, which completely cut off your connection with the kids. So, ditch the hotels when you need some privacy yet ensure that you can keep a check on your kids.


When You Need More Privacy

A vacation rental such as a villa offers you more privacy than a hotel. There are no noisy guests or late night noises. You can completely enjoy your stay while maintaining complete privacy in a villa.

When You Love to Cook

Most people love the idea of doing nothing and just relaxing when they are on a vacation, while for others unwinding means enjoying evening cooking sessions and having  home cooked meal in the balconies of their villas or cottages. So, if you are among these people, you should certainly ditch the hotel.

When You are Travelling With Your Friends

A private villa is a perfect place to enjoy the company of your friends. If you are travelling with your friends or with a few families, you can book a villa collectively and enjoy your vacation.


When You Want to Stay Like A Local

If you are a type of person who loves to explore the culture of a place and enjoy the local cuisine, you certainly need to ditch your hotel, take strolls on the streets, enjoy local food and reconnoitre the new place.

When You Need something More than a Hotel Room

When you stay in the hotel, you get confined to the four walls of the room. While you can go out and there are many options to unwind yourself, but ultimately you have to stay within a single room. On the other hand, a villa offers a complete home like experience with a living room, a kitchen, a private pool and much more.


When You Want to Spend Less

When you choose a hotel, you have to spend on the per room basis, and you also have to order the food from the restaurant. But, when you choose a villa, more people can adjust themselves in the villa, which makes it a cost-effective option as compared to the hotel.

Hotels are easy to access and you also get the ease of booking online. But, when you choose alternate options for your stay such as a vacation rental, ensure that you conduct thorough research before ditching the hotel. Your trip must be a pleasant experience, so make sure that all the amenities are available that you are looking for in your vacation rental.

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