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February 5, 2017
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February 5, 2017
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A home is always a special place that gives you comfort after a long day at the office. But, the problem arises when you start experiencing different problems in your home and realize that most of these problems are arising due to wrong architectural decisions which you might have taken while building or decorating your home. Vastu Shastra has garnered immense appreciation, especially in the past few decades owing to its valuable tips related to architecture and the right placement of things across the home.

Significance of Vaastu Shastra

Vaastu is an ancient Indian science of architecture which helps in developing a home as a congenial place by helping us with some architectural, building and furniture placements tips. Vaastu helps us to take to the optimum advantage of the benefits which are bestowed by nature in the form of energies. It finds its basis in the scientific facts and helps one to leverage the elements of various energy fields for enhanced happiness, prosperity, success, health and wealth.


By unifying the scientific principles of astrology, astronomy, art and science, Vaastu helps us to make our lives better while eradicating the problem creating issues. It actually focuses on balancing the five fundamental elements of the universe with the right directions. All the concepts presented by Vaastu have scientific facts and thus, cannot be challenged as mere superstitions.

Vaastu Shastra Tips for Your Home

Here are some imperative and simple tips which, when followed in homes can bring a great difference together and will certainly enhance the happiness in the home while giving the family members great success and prosperity in their endeavours.

Pre-Construction Tips

  • Before beginning the construction of the home, performing the Bhoomi Pooja (Worshipping of the Earth) is considered very auspicious and it heralds a good start
  • While planning the architecture of the home, it is important to consider the right directions for the entrance and other vital elements of the home. For instance, for the main entrance of the house should be facing the east and the kitchen must be constructed in the southeast corner of the home. Also, the kitchen should never be located directly in front of the main door of the home.


  • The master bedroom in the home in the southwest corner in a home which is east facing. The shape recommended by the Vaastu experts for the bedroom is square or rectangle. Thus, one must not plan circular or other shaped bedrooms.
  • For toilets the ideal location is north-west, however, it is not possible, then toilets must be located southeast.
  • While constructing the home one must ensure that the worship room, kitchen and toilets should not be adjacent to each other.

Post Construction Tips

  • While getting the children’s room painted, green colour is considered the best as it fosters freshness, peace while increasing the brain power.
  • The doors to the children’s rooms must be designed in the north or easy direction.
  • Never keep a ladder in the house facing north or west, as it results in money wastage in the home.
  • Putting a happy family picture or a nice happy picture in your living room is considered to be good according to Vaastu.
  • Setting mirrors in the kitchen is not considered good.
  • The dining hall in the home must never be exposed to the house’s entrance door.
  • The southern wall of the living room must be festooned with an image of a bright sun.
  • Ensure that the gate of the lift is not right in front of the main entrance door of your home.


  • Always keep all the corners of the home bright.
  • Ensure that your bed sheets and bed mattresses are not split.
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