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Traveling to a foreign land which is completely unknown is a worrying and stress prone experience. To enjoy your trip to the fullest, you may check out the top 5 most helpful travel apps that are sure to guide you all through the travel. You may easily swipe your smart phone to take help from the travel apps when traveling. You simply need to install the apps and just enjoy stress free travels.

Save On Your Phone Bills With The Skype App

If you are touring outside the United States and want to save on the phone bills, consider installing Skype. There will be no hefty bills for the phone calls. With the Skype app, you may make cheap phone calls by simply using the internet. There is no need to use the telecom provider’s portal for per minute calls. The per minute call rate of the telecom provider is expensive. If Skype in installed in your smart phone, you just have to connect the Skype to the Wi-Fi of the hotel and thus call anyone through their landline or mobile phone. You may call your clients free of cost if the application is installed and can even make video calls.


Document Your Trip Details With Evernote

Evernote is the popular mobile app which allows you to document the travel detail. You may write about the travel experience and make a note of whatever you did. Apart from documenting such details, you can also save the basic details and the address of the places you visit. This will serve as good record keeping of the trip.

The Free Mobile App Kayak

If you are on a tight budget, you can install Kayak. With this amazing app, you can check out thousands of websites to book the flight tickets, make reservations and book a car on rent. You may also use the app to check the route, find out the baggage fees and even get details about the destination.


The Need For Installing The Tourist Eye

The Tourist Eye is the perfect mobile app which is extremely useful when you travel to any foreign land. It has everything which you need, including the travel planner, maps, recommendations, journal where you may take the photographs and record your travel experience. Here you do not even need an internet connection to use the application.

Check Your Emails And Facebook Notification With Wi-Fi Finder

From time to time, individuals need to check out the emails and the Face Book updates. The Wi-Fi Finder app can let the user find 320,000 public Wi-Fi spots all through the world. This app is solely meant for the travelers.


There are almost hundreds of travel apps that serve as extremely essential travel gear for the users. Wherever you go, the travel app will help you out in finding destinations and checking the routes. If you own an iPhone, you can download travel app which is perfectly meant for the device. Travel apps are the way to ensure smooth and comfortable journey.

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