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The perfect getaway for a yoga lover would be a place that offers the blend of relaxation and rejuvenation. Visiting small places and tiny villages makes the visit worthwhile. For any of the yoga lovers, a perfect place for weekend getaway would be a place with vibrant energy, calm scenery and that which offers an opportunity to invigorate the body, mind and soul.

Right from the exotic locations like Greece, Chicago, India, to something more local like Mt Baw Baw and Byron Bay, there can be too many stunning destinations for any yoga lover. Whether you are looking for the yoga retreat or wellness getaway, for outdoor fun and adventure, you can choose any of the yoga destinations that fit your budget and schedule. But then, travelling is not always determined by the practical aspects like money and time as it is more to do with your personal interest. In the past few years, the number of people who practice yoga has skyrocketed in Australia and other parts of the world. So, let us check out the top 5 yoga destinations.

India: The Birthplace Of Yoga

What can be better than practicing yoga in the place which gave birth to yoga? India is the foremost yoga destinations for yoga enthusiasts. The entire country seems to be full of ashramas and grihas to let you practice yoga. It has scores of meditation centers that you may imagine. In the entire India, you can move to Goa which is an amazing place to master the asanas. Make a choice among the yoga retreats that have mushroomed over the decades. Popular yoga hubs include Agonda, Palolem, Mandrem and several others.


The Alpine Region Victoria

Here you can fabulously soak up in the mesmerizing surrounds of Mt. Baw Baw, Mt. Buffalo and also Lake Mountain. Here the backdrop is just perfect for your warrior poses. Featuring snow-dust peaks, river valleys and crisp mountains, the region is just appropriate. Alpine is the interim Australia bioregion which can completely relax you.

Yoga Retreat In The Thailand

Thailand is known for wonderful sunset spectacles and so who would not like to go for yoga retreat here. Thailand is the most visited places of the world for various reasons. The weather is warm, the food is delicious here, the beaches are friendly and also you will find a lot many places to indulge in the warrior yogic poses. Yogis can avail around 350 yoga retreats and deepen their practice. People of all budgets and schedule may find a yogic retreat.


Indonesia: The Most Famous Destination For Yogis

Indonesia is known for many a gorgeous beaches and rainforests. Ubud’s rainforest, the typical rice paddies, Zen atmosphere in the Bali are the things that attract the yogis. The amazing beaches give you a chance to combine yoga and surfing.


Spain For Spectacular Beaches

Spain features a lot many spectacular beaches, cheerful population and exquisite cuisine. This is the folkloric country which offers perfect yoga holidays. If it is not possible to tour Asia, you can visit Spain.

So, you can choose among the above places for a yoga retreat. Among all the places, you should certainly tour India.

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