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February 15, 2017
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February 15, 2017
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Looking to be more productive in the year 2017? There are some apps for Android and iOS that can make you more productive. Everyone wants to streamline a complicated task and wish to finish it as early as possible. If you have a task in hand, be sure that there will be some software to help you do things faster. They may be in the form of browser plugins or apps to help you maintain relationships, manage and access business documents. Productivity software refers to the Office Suites, their applications like PowerPoint and Outlook. It can be an application predicts the text while you swipe.

The 6 mobile apps listed below are the most productive.

The Google Drive App 

Google Drive is absolutely free and totally accessible application that is an absolute choice among the collaborative office suites. It is available in the cloud that lets you create or edit the documents in the real time. With this app, you can also see the changes made by others in the documents. So, wherever you have the web browser and internet access, you can use the Google Drive. The app is an ideal balance of speed, convenience and features. With the mobile app, you can have offline access to all the files.

Microsoft OneDrive

This is the Microsoft storage offering that has 15GB of free space to be used. If you want, you can opt for higher tiers by making payment. The Microsoft OneDrive is unique and may be integrated with Windows and Microsoft OfficeSuite. By installing the app, you access the files, store the files from other Office applications. You may also share files to the OneDrive from your Window File Explorer.


10 GB of free space with the Box

You may not be using the app Box but it provides 10GB of free space and there is also the option of upgrading it to 100GB. For the businesswide accounts, unlimited storage space is also available. In the Box, you will find enterprise-targeted features such as integrated file-commenting system or granular controls over the permission. We get the freedom to decide what to do with the file once it is shared. If you wish to use the app in integrated file system, you may also access the powerful API.

Group conversation or one-on-one conversation with Google Hangouts

The Google free Hangout is the service with which you may have one-to-one conversation or a group conversation. It permits video calls, voice calls from your preferred platform. If your internet connection is fast and reliable, this is a good platform.

Trello to organize the tasks

Whether you operate in a team or work alone, Trello is the functional mobile app which lets you organize your tasks, organize the lists and projects. No matter through which platform you access the data, the data stays organized with the Trello functional app. For proper task management, Trello uses notecard interface, intuitive whiteboard.


Enjoy a robust notebook service with Evernote

Evernote, featuring ‘to-do lists’, offers the notebook like service to the user. It may store handwritten notes, article and can manage photos. The app has standardized services that are free suite while the company has a platform which is business-focused. Companies looking for a wider collaboration can use it.


By using the above 6 productive apps, you may be more productive. There can be various other apps.

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