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Is your PC slow and simply whizzes, whirrs much to your annoyance? A slow computer, whether at home or in the office, can cause a lot of annoyance as that reduces the productivity and wastes time. Although Macintosh is there with super fast hardware but there are still regions where the computer runs too slow. But you need not worry anymore as there are 6 ways to make your computer fast. Let us check out the top 6 ways.

Installing CCleaner: the powerful way to make the computer faster

CCleaner is very useful for the computer system as it keeps the computer cleaned from unnecessary files and folders. So, when you have not-so-useful files and folders, the CCleaner will get rid of them. CCleaner is the fabulous tool you can have for your computer. It has the potential of freeing the space up to 4-5 GB every time you use the computer. With this tool, you can eliminate stuffs like temporary files, browsing history, cookies, caches and other unnecessary elements.


Get rid of useless computer programs

When you buy a new computer, it has the operating system which is already installed. Along with that Operating System, you also get a good deal of bloatware and computer programs that are not needed at all. Such programs will be there till you uninstall them. If installed, the programs will occupy the disk space and memory space to slow your PC system. To make your computer run faster, just uninstall the programs. You need to click ‘Control Panel’ and then click over ‘Programs and Features’.

Clear the temporary files from time to time

When you use the browser or internet explorer, the browsing history gets saved on the PC. This same thing happens when you tend to install the program. The folder comprising of such records is known as ‘Temp’ file. If the temporary file keeps on accumulating, they will eat up your Gigabyte space. So, you need to delete the temporary files.

Add up more and more RAM space

Looking to boost your computer speed in a simple yet effective manner? You can add more RAM space. If the RAM space you have is used up completely, you can consider adding up more space. In case the computer has started hanging while you run multiple programs, you need to add more RAM to it.


Keep a watch over the Task Manager

Task Manager comes along with the Windows that offers a detailed analysis about the resources in the computer system. Task Manager, as the name implies, is the manager of the computer that analyses the processes or programs running on the computer. Some processes will occupy more space in the computer while others suck up the CPU. With the task manager, you get to know the programs and processes running and thus you can cancel the unnecessary ones. As you cancel them, more space is released in the CPU.


Disable unnecessary programs from the computer startup

As the Windows start, you will find that some programs also start up. Even if one does not use the programs, they get configured at the start. Disable the programs to make the PC faster.

By following the above 6 ways, you can make the computer run faster.

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