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Almost everybody in the world now uses Whatsapp both for professional and personal purposes. So, any suggestions regarding abandoning Whatsapp in favor of something else (in this case, Signal) might seem utterly preposterous. But, then, security should be a user’s prime and sole concern in these days of frequent hacking and stealing of valuable information and even financial details. Signal Private Messenger offers more secure security benefits than Whatsapp and makes you less vulnerable to hacking.


Business ownership and ethics

Whatsapp is owned by Facebook and moreover, was primarily launched to bolster up advertisement features along with messaging. So, all your messages, pictures, videos and other data which you had shared with your friends and even received can be viewed from the Facebook domain by its creators. Signal, on the other hand, is free software created through open ended funding by a host of dedicated personnel (from the company, Open Whispers System) solely intending to create a safe and secure channel for messaging. Its domain is open and its security apparatus regarding privacy can be accessed by experts which cannot be done regarding Whatsapp.


Secured voice calls

Through Signal, you can make end to end secured calls if both the callers have installed this app. Voice calls in Whatsapp, along with video chats is vulnerable to third party intrusion and forcible access.

Safe storage data

Signal Private Messenger always you to enable date storage by allowing you to set up for yourself a unique passcode which you have to enter every time for restoring data or enabling data storage. On the other hand, in Whatsapp, there clearly appears a notification just on the eve of a data storage process that it is not secured, thus, making both your Whatsapp conversation record and your inbox vulnerable to intrusion. Conversation is secure in Whatsapp but no those loads of messages and information saved through Whatsapp while Signal offers complete secrecy for your stored data. So, back up services are not secure in Whatsapp.


Security of metadata

In Whatsapp, their vital details relating to your account remain vulnerable and unencrypted. Information such as your gender, contact number, the contact numbers of your message recipients, your date of birth, month and year, exact time of messages which you have sent and received can be accessed by a third party intruded, which gets completely negated out in Signal because there metadata remains encrypted both you and for the recipient concerned.

Enhanced messaging security features

In Signal, a part of your message gets disappear after a certain period of time, which you have to set. This feature makes it completely immune. Also, there are additional features which prevent the recipient from taking a screenshot of your message in the conversation list.

Thus, it is high time that you download the ‘Signal Private Messenger’ app from your Android phone for a secure and safe experience, for the security of your confidential information also should be your first concern.

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