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Social networks seem to have taken over the sentiments & relationships of all generations. One has multiple forums, emojis & modes to express our likes and dislikes…..These days adding, blocking, unfollowing & deleting friends from the social media is the norm. One flaunts a gamut of pictures, impressions & expressions of friendship,  love,  hatred, ‘silence’, grief, & excitement etc through Facebook, twitter, Instagram linked in etc …

Let us remember that social media is like a loaded gun in one’s hands …it can protect you or harm you depending on how one uses it! 

We can use it to share our joys & sorrows with ones we care about but are caught up in a busy life or are in distant places. 

Use the media to share recipes, reviews of movies, hospitals & restaurants, or share health related tips.  Create or join fitness & emotional aid groups which are a source of great nonintrusive learnings & support.

Find career slots like blogging on specialized subjects like food, travel etc, find job openings & network through Linked in, glass door etc.

There are endless ways of doing all this and more! 

Beware of the pitfalls too … 

People use the media for the projection of their status, wealth & style as well as a display of their overblown egos! The downside starts  when these for a get to be used as tools to sort out ego issues

e.g. when two people have had an argument or differences  they display their insecurities, hatred or bitchiness subtly on social media ,they can be sweet to each other face to face but continue a cold war on facebook with snide  comments , status updates that have a hidden meaning & innuendo or even by failing to like or comment on a much commented upon picture of the other  !! 

This is how it works …..

– They start hanging out with a common friend & post the most amazing pictures together showing that they are having a fun time together & nothing bothers them.

– Display & share pictures of their newly upgraded wardrobe which they shopped for with the sole purpose of invoking a bout of envy in the one they have it in for !!! 

– Join some hobby classes or gym just to show how chilled out they are & how they have no time to think of the other & keep updating their posts with numerous pictures of the gym or hobby class which they actually may hardly attend but targeted at the other !!

– Hang out with someone they both despised or gossiped about earlier (during friendlier times).

Why ?? 

In these cases, the sole purpose of life becomes aimed at hurting the other, competing with each other, creating jealousy or envy in the other & letting the other down in every which way possible. They love to hate each other & the war on social networks makes life a source of entertainment or a scoop for gossip mongers.

This openly displayed animosity on a wider forum other than one’s immediate social circle disturbs those with fragile egos & insecurities! It may be better if one just cuts off all strings instead of trying to outshine the other or letting them down …it becomes second nature to become mean or selfish & turns one into a different person, spoils the peace of mind of all involved & introduces negativity into one’s being which attracts further negativity! 

You were not born to do this, there is a lot more in life that is achievable and can be more gratifying & purposeful.Make life simple & straightforward…everyone around you cannot love & understand you & the right people stay while the wrong one’s part. So just let it be…breathe… shout… cry… laugh… share your thoughts with friends you trust… Introspect and let go!!!

But do not make all & sundry emotions public or wash your private linen in the open … 

In short use social media to spread positivity, cheer & goodwill! Share information & tips …. deepen your connections & connectivity eliminate the negatives & use this loaded tool effectively! 

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Nishtha Sharma
Nishtha Sharma
French linguist, Asst.Professor, Author (series of French books),Traveler.

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  1. Meltblogs says:

    What we see on social media is not always true. People pretend to stay happy on social media, when in reality they themselves are struggling in life. Never fall into the trap of social media.

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