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Are you nearing degree completion and looking to write a resume? If you are commencing job hunt, it is crucial to perfect the document that summarizes your credentials and professional qualifications in the finest manner. The resume must necessarily reveal your work experience, your excellence in academics and only then you can get your dream placement. Simply passing from a reputed institution will not do. You need to properly present your abilities in the resume. Writing a proper resume is always tricky as the details need to be presented efficiently. Check out the top 6 resume tips while applying for the job after studies.


Employ STAR as the formatting guide for writing a resume

When you sit down to write a resume, consider your experiences or talents in terms of your situation, the task was undertaken, the actions met and the results attained. This is called the STAR resume format which needs to be followed. This format or guidance works very well for the graduates from management schools. Consider this model if you do not want to miss out on anything. Focus on the highlights and try to condense rest of the things.


Don’t write very lengthy resumes

If you are a young graduate, you should adhere to one page or write resumes within a few pages. A student of 28 years, having 5-6 years of work experience, must write resume within a few pages. The key information may be incorporated into one page. The skills you highlight in the resume must be customized as per the career path you wish to target.

Avoid writing objective in the left-hand corner

The space available on the left-hand side is valuable and should not be wasted at any cost. When you look for a position in the company, highlight your skills as per the nature of work you want to do. Just avoid writing the objective and write what is needed.

Put up your education background in the best possible manner

To impress your prospective employer, place your educational background where it serves you in the best possible manner. If you are strong at any well-reputed program, then you can certainly wow your employer by placing it prominently in the CV. If you are just average in a certain program, place it at the bottom of the resume. So, the best things must come in first.


Avoid improvising

Make your resume as simple as possible. For instance, if you are asked to send a Word document, do not send a PDF document. If you can follow the instruction, you will be much ahead of other average students. To create a personalized impression, consider writing a handwritten note.

Do not embellish your resume

Do not falsify yourself but be realistic. Show what you are and do not embellish the resume too much. It is important to stay honest and not to lie.

By following the above 6 tips, you will certainly come up with a powerful resume. So, your prospective employer will certainly get impressed. Most importantly, avoid making any kind of mistake in the resume. All the information must be correct.

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  1. Zoe Campos says:

    Thanks for reminding me that I need to consider my experiences and talents when it comes to writing my resume. However, I’ve only been a housewife for years and I’m not even sure if I can land a job in marketing. It might be a good idea to find a professional who offers resume writing services and see if they can help me.

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