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We indulge in a number of activities on a day to day basis, and most of these activities make us feel tired. However, there are some activities which drain your energy so badly that you feel fatigued, and often we are not aware of what’s actually draining our energy.

Here are the top 5 everyday habits which are draining your energy:

  • Skipping your meals

Skipping the meals, especially breakfast because you don’t have time for food is the biggest reason that you feel tired the whole day. When you keep on working and don’t supply the healthy calories to your body from a well-balanced diet, your body starts working as if there’s a shortage of the food. It slows down its metabolism and you start feeling tired. So, do not skip any of your meals and never compensate skipping a meal with cola, chips or unhealthy fast food.


  • Not drinking enough water

Water is the miracle liquid that keeps your body fit, flushes out toxins and gives you an energy boost. But, when your water intake slows down, your body initiates the mechanisms to tackle the low water levels in the body. As a result, you not only feel dehydrated but also experience physical exhaustion. So, stay hydrated and drink enough water to stay active the entire day.


  • Inactive lifestyle

As we are becoming more dependent on the gadgets and technology, we have started living more of a sedentary lifestyle. Whether at work or at home, we sit for most of the time and this physical inactivity is not only harmful to your body and energy levels but also for your mental state. The more you sit, the more tired you feel. So, get up and start moving to replenish your lost energy.

  • More Screen Time

The continuous gazing at the smartphones, computer screens, and television exposes us to the bright lights, impacts our sleep by keeping our brain stimulated and ultimately, drains our energy. As we stay mentally active for most of the day while using these gadgets, and spend a lot of time sitting at a place, we start feeling the significant drain in our energies. So, cut off your screen time and give your brain a rest, especially before the bed time.


  • Sleeping late at night

For most people, staying awake till midnight and utilizing this time for work is a sign of high productivity. Unfortunately, we don’t realize that this is one habit which is draining us of our energy quite badly. When you stay awake till late night, either you wake up late in the day or you if you wake up early, you don’t get enough sleep. Both are significant reasons behind unexplained energy drain. So, instead of working late at night, get up early in the morning and use the morning hours to finish your work.

So, now you know that which daily habits are impacting your productivity and energy, you must find out ways to reduce their impact on your efficacy and start practicing a healthy lifestyle.

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