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Having long, lustrous and luscious hair tops the beauty list of every woman. Some women are born with glossy hair while others are just stuck up with rough and dull hair. Most Indians and American women suffer from unmanageable and frizzy hair, which almost mars the overall appearance since beautiful tresses compliment the looks. Irrespective of whether it is short or long hair, women do wish to have soft and shiny hair. There are various things you can do to make your hair lustrous.

Eat a balanced and healthy diet

The kind of food you eat determines the type of hair you will have. Vitamin intake plays important role in proper growth of cuticles and hairs. You may consume vitamins, citrus fruits, and green veggies to have beautiful hair. It is also mandatory to drink at least 3-4 liters of water to stay hydrated. Dehydration can lead to brittle, dull and damaged hair. You must intake a lot of healthy fluids and water.


The right hair products for soft and silky hair

It is very basic that the kind of products you choose will determine the type of hair you will have. To pamper your hair, it is important to buy the right set of products. Make sure you do not choose shampoos, conditioners and hair styling products that are loaded with harmful chemicals. They can damage your tresses in the long run. Prolonged use of chemical based products can lead to damaging build-up and residue to harm your hair. Invest in the right products and buy only mild shampoos and conditioners.

Regular oil massage is must

Oil massage is as important as the body massage. It improves blood circulation and boosts the health of the hair. Oiling your hair roots may offer the needed strength and nutrition to help the hair grow long, strong, bouncy and shiny. Regular head massage can simply rejuvenate your dead hair shaft. Massaging the scalp is indeed the most soothing essential when it comes to hair care. It will improve blood circulation towards the hair roots and stimulate the growth of healthy hairs. Just use the mixture of almond oil and coconut oil to massage your scalp.


Regular hair care in the form of combing, trimming and cold water treatment

If you are looking for an improved hair growth, combing must be treated as an art. To stimulate blood circulation, you must put a bit of pressure on the comb. Do not comb wet hair. Then, rinse your hair with cold water is a must. Super steamy and hot bath can be damaging for the tresses. Cold rinsing will help retain some moisture to the tresses and strengthen the hair shaft. Snip your hair often to get rid of those split ends.

Egg, honey and henna mask


Beat one egg and mix it with henna and honey. Apply the mixture to each and every strand of your hair. Leave for one hour and wash off. If used twice in a month, your hair will become super shiny and silky.

By following the above 5 natural ways, you will soon have super shiny, bouncy and extremely lustrous hair. Your tresses are sure to become objects of envy.

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