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Buying a digital camera in the year 2017 is an altogether different experience than what it was 2 years back. If you are in a good budget, you may buy an entry level SLR that is a premium pocket model having larger image sensors, interchangeable lens model and the bridge style super zoom to bring about distant subjects much closer. Let us check out the top 6 digital cameras of 2017.

The mirrorless and high on demand, Sony A7R II camera

Sony A7RII is the top-of-the-line mirrorless camera featuring the sensor size of 42.4 MP, Sony E-Mount, the 3-inch tilting monitor having 1229k dots, 5fps continuous shooting, EVF viewfinder and much more. If you are looking for a professional grade full frame camera, you must definitely try your hand on A7RII. This is indeed the highest resolution camera model which is just second to the 50MP sensor of Canon 5DS since it features 42.4MP. But, it is just 2/3rd of the size and weight of the camera by the Canon brand. You will find here high-resolution viewfinder, 5 axes of image stabilization, which is imbibed within the camera body.


Nikon D500: the extremely durable camera with high-end features

It may be said that Nikon D500 is the complete digital camera which you may get in the market. It features the amazing 173-point AF system, a durable metallic body, low pixel counts. To make this product, Nikon has simply picked its flagship DSLR, D5 DSLR and selected the high-end features to be distilled here in the Nikon D500. Although smaller, the device is very durable. There are differences like the full frame sensor is being replaced by a 20.9 MP and thus the resolving power is not the same as D7200. It is still perfect for the wildlife and sports photography.

The X-Mount system featuring Fuji X-T10

This digital camera makes X-mount system accessible to the users. Featuring APS-C CMOS sensor size, 16.3MP Resolution, 3-inch monitor, the device is a mirrorless type that has an excellent build to resemble the Fuji’s DSLR. The XT10 makes use of the same sensor, AF technology and has a much smaller viewfinder, simple external control, compact DSLR size. So, at the mid-range, you get the top quality mirrorless technology.


The compact digital camera, Sony RX100 III

Looking for super performance in a small package? Sony RX100 III is perfectly meant for you. It has a compact size, wider aperture lens, EVF activation. The camera is just perfect when you go out for a photo expedition. There is the DSLR-style control having a much better sensor offering amazing image quality. You enjoy compactness and brilliance in images.

Panasonic TZ70/ZS50

Although small, Panasonic TZ70 is an extremely versatile camera featuring the sensor of 1/ 2.3 inches, 12.1MP, electronic viewfinder, 3-inch monitor of 24-720mm lens. This camera is sure to give you an enjoying photographic experience. Although the zoom range is pretty limited, it has a lot many other features.


Canon EOS 760D: the best entry level digicam

Canon EOS 760D is the best entry level camera which offers amazing power and performance as it features 24.2MP sensor, EF/EF-S sensor, 3-inch articulation monitor, 5fps continuous shooting. This camera offers great performance, excellent image quality, and outstanding features at an affordable price rate.

You may choose any of the above cameras. They are all available in the major shopping sites online.

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