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In the current times, even the simplest of digital cameras might produce high quality and crisp images. Whether it is marketing, real estate business, photos are needed everywhere. Photo editing tools are a fabulous way to rectify or correct the images. You can remove the red eyes, rectify sharpness, white balance, level and crop the horizon. Adobe Photoshop is still the gold standard when it comes to the editing programs. But, if you wish to avoid subscription and do not have the energy to learn Adobe Photoshop, you may use the free photo editing tools and software given below.


GIMP: The Best Open Source Program

GIMP is the Image Manipulation Program, which is an open source photo editing tool continuously updated by the best programmers. It has animation features and a full layer support just like the Adobe Photoshop. GIMP is the best if you want a free photo editing software.

Photoscape: The All Rounder Photo Editor

Photoscape is the all-rounder photo editor which packs in plenty of features and punch. It is just the best tool you might get when it comes to white balance correction, brightness correction, setting the color and contrast. The photo editor features the GIF animation, the batch editor. It also has the ability to convert the raw images into the JPEG format. Here the toolbar can be customized with certain features which you like the most. With the tool, you may split images, combine images and can also create a slideshow.


Google Photos For Sharing The Attractive Images

Do you love to share images on social media? You can use Google Photos, which is free photo editing software. It is the best photo editor, the slide show creator offering a decent amount of photo editing features and tools. With the help of Google Photos, you may give an amazing effect to your photos. The premium photo management program or the photo editor tool lets you take full advantage of the Google + integration. It has the wonderful array of features and editing functions that may be used to edit the images. This tool is indeed good for the users of various experience levels. With Google Photos, you may collect all the photos to be edited and format them.



Are you new to photo editing? Then, Fotor is meant for you. It is easy to use and an extremely simple tool. There are multiple options available to let you compare the previous images with that of the current ones. The wide array of filters, the option of making collages and the tilt-shift tool may be used. It is flexible enough to be used in the tablets, mobiles, and computers.

Portrait Pro For Professionals

The Portrait Professional Studio Max is the leading photo editing software which makes the task of photo editing easy and quick. Although meant for portraits, it may make dramatic changes to your clicked photos. It acts like the plugin for the Photoshop and Lightroom. Without much training, you can use the software. When you enter a photograph, the software identifies the subject and inquiries about the gender and also places a series of lines in order to detect the portions of the face. The software does a series of changes to give the desired image.

The above 5 photo editing tools are the finest. They can bring about dramatic changes to any image.

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  1. Sharon says:

    Thanks for the heads up on the editing tools. So hard to find good information all in one spot. Great stuff.

    Cheers Sharon…
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  2. Donna Sharpe says:

    Personally I use the Adobe suite for my photo editing. But I am always open to other options. Thanks for the suggestions.

  3. JasonRider says:

    What a nice post is it. I really impressed to read the information that you have posted here. I appreciate your efforts that you have made to create this great post.

  4. John Mridha says:

    I thinks GIMP is the Best open source program. It is very beautiful tools for editing picture . Thanks for sharing your article .

  5. Nice to hear more about photo editing tools. As per my personal experience photo editor has smart enhancement tools to fix poor lighting, digital noise, fuzziness, and other common problems all with just a single click.

  6. Nice collection and this is really very popular.

  7. Nick says:

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    I really like the way you explain all the information in one place. I have read many blogs regarding photography tools or tips but I really enjoyed your article. All tools are fine and easy to use but in my opinion, GIMP is the Best open source program for editing photographs.


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