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Photography is one of the hardest arts to master. Not that pointing the camera at the right object and pressing the button is difficult, but getting the perfect shot is one of the challenging tasks.

Photographers work hard for years to get the flawless and perfect pictures. So, if you are a beginner in Photography, there is a long way for you to go. However, here are some vital tips that can help you, click the good pictures.

The Exposure Triangle

Most of the beginners believe that it’s the camera that does the magic and helps in clicking better pictures, but, it is actually the projection of light. A well-lit object can easily be captured in a good manner, but, it is nearly impossible to make a poorly lit subject look good in the picture.


So, if you want to click nice pictures, start learning about the exposure triangle, and how it impacts the quality of the clicked pictures.

Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is very important if you want to capture like professionals. As per the rule of thirds, all you need to do is divide the image to be clicked into thirds with the help of two horizontal and two vertical lines, and then you can place the elements of the high visual interest in either of the four intersections.


Shoot From Different Vantage

One of the best ways to ensure unremarkable pictures is to snap the subject straight from the eye level. However, this might be boring and click the conventional pictures.

If you want to click extraordinary shots, you must start experimenting with the angles. Change your perspective or your elevation,  try shooting from a different vantage, change the angle from which you are shooting, or try to change the distance. You will be surprised with the results of the pictures clicked from different angles and positions.

Don’t Ignore the Post Processing

Most people misunderstand post processing as the process of radically changing the original picture with the help of high impact effects and filters. Thus, many people who want their pictures to look superior and untouched refrain from the post processing.

But, the truth is that the camera is a flawed device with several physical limitations. Post processing is a way of enhancing the picture to make it look flawless and enthralling.

Consider Using A Tripod

Sometimes, beginners face the problems related to shaky hands. So, if you are finding it difficult to capture a shot with a camera in hands, you can consider using a tripod. For even more stability, use the timer function of the camera with the tripod.


Don’t Invest in A High-End Camera

When you have just begun as a photographer, don’t buy too expensive or technical cameras. Instead, focus on learning the photography skills, develop your own technique and then invest in a high-end camera that helps you get ideal results and matches your technique of clicking pictures.

Once you understand that what photography is all about, you would better be able to judge that which camera perfectly suits your needs.

With these photography tips, you will surely improve your clicked shots and would be able to apply the right techniques in order to click that ideal picture.

So, go on and keep clicking!!!!

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