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I recently came across two bizarre but interesting articles:

Suitable lipstick according to your sun sign!!

Suitable hairstyle according to your sun sign!!!

I must say that the articles did intrigue me and leaving my logical thinking somewhere  I actually read those articles only to find that being an Aquarian, am wild and a rebel and a perfect lip color for me is BLUE!

Now being a person who avoids makeup as much as possible, I actually imagined myself putting the blue lip color and Yes I will be the next “Naagin” on the block, after all these Nagin’s are quite’ in’ these days, thanks to our telly soaps.

As I had ample of time that day, have left my brain completely in “go – as – you – please” phase, I read the second article. From days I have been thinking to get a new haircut and though that this article could do wonders for me and it did!! Again being unconventional Aquarian, an atrocious Hairstyle was suggested.

So both the recommendations were as bizarre as my Zodiac.

So basically your face cut, skin tone, your style sense doesn’t matter anymore while opting for a lipstick or a hairstyle. Damn you, stars!

I wonder why we are so much obsessed with our sun signs that some of us end in wearing the undies to eating food every day according to the lucky color based on Zodiacs and the daily “Akashwani” provided by the newspapers and morning T.V shows actually make us believe that how our entire day will be.

I have actually met people who on the first meeting will ask to guess their sun signs and put us on this awkward guessing game. Well….it’s tough; I still haven’t learned Linda Goodman.

From dating people to marrying people, from compatibility goals to relationship goals, from conceiving to naming, Zodiacs plays an important and a judging role.

Every person has its own style and uniqueness, every person is beautiful in his or her own way, every person has a dark side and a soft side so why to judge them on the basis of sun signs.

We are our own best friend so why to be on dependent on Zodiacs to tell us what kind of person we are and what are our personality traits? What annoys us and what not? Which will Zodiac sign be our soul mate or best friend? What course to do or what kind of music, dress or color suits us?

Be good and do good.

Love yourself and love others.


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Meha Saraswat
Meha Saraswat
German linguist, Author, Professor, Wife to an amazing husband and Traveler who is looking for people to fund her trips :)

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