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So what makes a decent Hookah? I’m not talking about those Pineapple head , two –three pipes, makes you feel like a king Hookah – I’m talking about a regular hookah that will give you that buzz you are after, won’t make you cough enough to make the whole room stare at you, and won’t burn your carpet . The art is simple – the tricks are logical – just follow the below simple rules & by the end of the night you will become the friend everyone turns to for Hookah Nights.

Ice Ice Baby

Remember to put some ice in the base of your hookah. Doesn’t matter if you’re making it with just water, milk, juice or even alcohol. A little ice can make your hookah last longer & your flavor will not begin to burn quickly.


Another trick is to put in the freezer for 10 minutes before you start smoking the hookah – this will make the hookah smoke chiller and won’t hurt your throat as much.

When in doubt go with Orange Juice:

Your friends want to add some alcohol, you are bored with the ice and water & want some tang in your hookah? Worry not my friend – presenting the orange juice hack. Add Orange Juice, water & a little ice in your base and the hookah will go with all flavors without a hitch. You can also try some variations with vodka or champagne ( if you are a mimosa fan that is ) but don’t add more than one tablespoon of vodka to the combination.

Milk goes a  long way:

Just another way to get your calcium (just kidding!), adding milk to the base, dilute it with water and ice & you have yourself what as some popular hookah joints call the Marrakesh hookah. Save yourself a few bucks and become an overnight rock star among your friends with this smooth concoction that’ll keep your hookah parties alive.

Floral Flavors if you want to impress your girl:

Try rose, peach, strawberry or a combination of anyone of these to make your girl swoon over you. And if you are the one who wears the skirt in the family – don’t worry – this is right up your alley.

Mint will give you a buzz

Got a flavor that makes you want to leave the hookah and walk out? Just mix in some mint to get a little buzz. Trust me after a few drags you wouldn’t even notice that the hookah flavor was not your favorite.

Safety First – wrap your bowl

Now, this is one of those tricks that will make your mama proud. It’ll save your carpet and skin and in my case saved my furry dog from having a flaming haircut. Once your bowl is ready after adding the flavor, the foil & the holes, just take a long, thick piece of foil, fold it into half & wrap it around your bowl such that your coal can’t slip off the side. Now even if your friends pull at that pipe your coal ain’t falling to the ground. Be safe – avoid a fire hazard.

Don’t try to fit in too much flavor – leave some room for air

Have you ever had a drag of hookah and thought that the smoke ain’t there? If so, probably the flavor was packed too tight in the bowl. Try to leave it a little loose, fill the bowl to the top but don’t press down on it. It’ll help your flavor breathe and the hookah will smoke well.

Mix outside the bowl

Mixing is important, especially if you like to try new flavors in your hookah. But remember to mix it outside the bowl so not one flavor is stronger than the others & they all burn evenly.

Clean the smoke from bowl every 10 mins – will save your throat

Now, this is a trick that’ll make your friends awestruck. After every 10 or so minutes if the hookah smoke starts to get strong for your throat – take a napkin , cover the bowl evenly , empty out the coal from the bowl , take out the bowl & press your lips to the bowl’s bottom [[ Beware- the bowl is going to be HOT, so don’t forget the napkin ]] . Then blow in some strong air inside the bottom of the bowl and you will see this bundle of smoke escapes your bowl. Once it lightens up, your bowl is ready to go again on top of your hookah & you are ready to be called a Hookah pro.

Make sure to clean the pipe after every use

Now even the best of us forget this from time to time, but you should try to do this almost after every hookah session. Hold the pipe under a tap, let the water run freely through the other end so the dark coal remains to flush out of it. Then hang it for a minute and your pipe is clean

Hope you guys enjoy your Hookah time with your friends!!

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  1. WOW! this is simply mind blowing and i would love to become that guy that everyone turns to for Hookah Nights.

  2. Ibrahm Uddin says:

    Great Tips. All these are very helpful for a great hookah session. Stay Hydrated and clean your hookah bowl time to time for a long and good session of shisha.

  3. Allan Queen says:

    I have recently ordered a Best Electric Smoker
    really excited as I am going to use it for the first time!

  4. Smoke Fun says:

    Very impressive article! Hope it will help more amateur shisha lovers like me to do some new experiments. Really excited…

  5. Mike says:

    Good, Nice argument, very impressive.

  6. smoking pipe says:

    Interesting read! I’ll try all the points you mentioned. This will make my pipe smoking experience further pleasant.

  7. smokeapuff says:

    Thank you for sharing these hacks. All these are perfect for great hookah session.

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