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Planning to join a gym, the first day can be overwhelming. Great machines, advanced equipment, lots of options to choose from, bodybuilders with great body working out, all can be too much to handle. It’s easy to get distracted from the real goal of getting a good workout. I don’t blame you, everyone goes through it. Below are the common mistakes that new gym-goers make and if they sound familiar to you, change your routine and get ready for the awesome results you’re looking for.

I Need a Trainer

I need a trainer to learn how to workout is the most common excuse that people make. Personal Trainers are expensive and not everyone can afford them. Most gyms give a couple of free sessions but that’s not enough to learn everything. I understand that but I also think that this excuse in this digital age doesn’t work.

There are multiple ways to learn the correct form, and do’s and don’ts of any workout. YouTube, Instagram, Fitness magazines etc. provide all the relevant information easily and most of the time for free.

You can also observe, or even ask the experienced lifters in the gym for help and I am sure they will be happy to help.

Leave Your Ego at the Door

The biggest and most dangerous mistake that beginners make is lifting with ego. Lifting with your ego means pushing yourself with too much weight without keeping the proper form to impress your friends, opposite sex, or other experienced lifters and trainers.

Remember this and I cannot emphasize enough on the fact that maybe, and I repeat maybe your friends will think that you’re cool but by not concentrating on proper form, you are putting yourself in a dangerous position and injury risk.

Don’t compete with someone without knowing his training history, body type etc. Everyone is different, so are their abilities to lift.

So leave your ego at the door.

Improper Form

Lifting weights using proper form is not only difficult but also more beneficial than tossing huge weights like maniacs just to impress people. Improper form leads to injury and long-term negative impacts. Back and Knee injuries are most common injuries that come from an improper form.

The biggest mantra to keep the correct form is to keep your back straight in any kind of workout. Bending back means your form is not proper.

Also if you don’t feel the strain in the correct muscles that you’re trying to train, is an indicator of improper form.

Not Having a Plan

Most beginners enter the gym without any plan and just do whatever they feel like.  Not having a plan makes the training/workout directionless and it’s hard to get desired results.

One should always have a schedule and easiest way to do that is to maintain a journal where you can write about everything. Splitting the workout targeting different muscle groups and a cardio schedule should be a part of the plan. Planning also helps in tracking the diet and daily nutrition discussed later in the article.

Setting Unrealistic Goals

Having a plan is good but setting unrealistic goals can destroy that plan easily. Most of the people especially the ones who decide to take gym membership on the new years eve set unrealistic goals that do not only make them end in more pain after workouts but also demotivates them and force them to quit. For example, don’t decide to go the gym everyday or workout for more than an hour right from the beginning. Start small and build the routine over time.

Ignore Legs

I know leg workout is the most difficult one because you feel like dying after the workout pain. Most people even the experienced lifters tend to ignore legs because of the after-workout pain. Leg workout not only helps in burning more calories, it is also the best compound exercise that hits multiple muscles at once. Leg workout increases your balance, metabolism and makes you a better athlete. So make room for Leg Day in your schedule.

No Rest

Another mistake beginners make is to work out every day without taking any rest. As I said earlier, a good workout doesn’t mean more weights or more reps. Working out 4 – 5 times in a week is good enough. You should give time to your muscles and tissues to rebuild. It is important for your body to feel good to show results. Pushing body to unrealistic limits is dangerous and results in injuries. You should also give your body at least 7 hours of sleep after the workout.

Ignore Nutrition

Diet is the most important part of a workout. No matter how much effort you put in the gym, if you don’t eat right, you will never see the desired results. A good physique is 20% workout 10% rest and 70% diet.

Keeping track of your macros is very important. Nutrition consultation is free and comes with a gym membership. Remember, Eat Right to Feel Right!!!

Carbs and Fats are Bad

Carbohydrates and Fats are given a bad reputation, especially by some so called fitness experts. Carbohydrate is something that your body needs to work. Carbs are the energy source for your body and good diet includes good carbs and fats.

Good carbohydrates and fats help your body to recover fast and also make you feel energetic.

Sugar, on the other hand, is really bad so avoid eating sugar 🙂

Leave Your Sweat on the Floor

I understand that gym is a great place to socialize but your goal should be to get a good workout instead of finding dates for yourself. Beginners take more time in socializing than working out, they carry full-length conversations between sets which not only a waste of your effort as muscles don’t get enough strain required to show desired results but also cause discomfort to other serious lifters who wait for the equipment to get free.

John Abraham, the famous Bollywood actor considers gym as his temple and not only him for a lot of bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts, the gym is the most important place and beginners make a mistake of disrespecting them by leaving pieces of equipment on the floor.

It’s a bad gym etiquette to leave the equipment on the floor, it’s not only disrespectful of place but also dangerous as people can trip on them.

So, leave your sweat on the floor, not weights.

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  1. I am an average short guy with a big belly. I got a 10-5 job 5 days a week. I was not able to arrange the time for my workout. Finding the time and motivation for my workout was my biggest struggle in terms of staying fit, and I appreciate the above tips for overcoming that. Some of these tips, such as Leaving Ego at the Door, were ones I hadn’t thought of. Improper Form has been explained really well it would be great to hear more about common fitness challenges and some carefully guiding tips for avoiding stupid injuries.

  2. Wishing for it is great, working for it is better.

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