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Among the women in the US, breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed ailments. One in every 8 women develops this cancer. It is initially in the form of a lump or a small tumor in the breast tissues, which if cancerous, spreads all through.


Only through an early diagnosis of this condition, one can have chances of survival. Routine examination of breasts needs to be considered by every woman to identify the lump if any. You may visit your health care professional yearly for a mammogram. However, you must also be aware of the early signs of this cancer, so that you can identify if you are experiencing any symptoms.

Here are the top 7 early signs of breast cancer.

Discharge from the breast

If you are not into the breastfeeding, any discharge from the nipples is abnormal. Since cancer mainly develops in the milk ducts, this can show in the form of blood-tinged, milky or watery discharge from the nipples. The discharge also leaves a scaly crust on the nipples. Immediately visit your doctor if this happens.

Increase in the nipple sensitivity

This is an obvious sign of breast cancer where the nipples become overly sensitive and then ultimately leading to a void in sensitivity. When the tumors develop under the nipple tissue, this situation arises. Again, it is the cause of concern. Visit your doctor immediately.

Change in the appearance of the nipples

If there is an underlying breast tumor, the appearance of the nipple will change. The nipples may become flat, indented, inverted or might even become asymmetrical in shape. Even the size of the nipples changes even if you are not breastfeeding.


Dimpled or thickened skin over the breast

The skin over your breast might feel dimpled or thickened when compared to the surrounding tissue. This usually occurs in the early stage of breast cancer development. The skin of the breasts may become red, pitted or dimpled. Sometimes, the skin almost gains an appearance of the skin of an orange. Apart from this, the skin of the nipples may turn inward.

The change in how the breasts and nipples feel

Nipple tenderness, thickening of the skin, lump near the breast or even in the underarm area is the real cause of concern. The skin texture can change and the pores of the breast skin may enlarge. A healthcare professional must immediately be summoned to investigate the lump in the breast.


Upper back pain can be due to breast cancer

One may feel a sharp upper back pain coming from the bones. You may think that the pain in the upper back comes from within the bones but it is not. Those bouts of soreness and intense back pain might be the result of the breast cancer. When the tumors develop in the breasts, they put pressure on the spine and ribs of the women, leading to pain in the upper back.

Unusual pain in the breasts

If you usually feel pain or occasional throbbing in the breasts, do talk to your healthcare professional immediately. This can be due to breast cancer.

So, the breast cancer month is on its way. The Great Pink Push will again be unleashed. Preventative measures can save you from this deadly ailment. Be aware of the changes taking place in your body and do not ignore any of the above signs.

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