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April 6, 2017
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Finally, the day arrived for which you planned for months. Your first cruise vacation!

Apart from doing the obvious of not missing the boat and doing web-check in, here are some vital Don’ts you must consider for a cruise vacation in order for you to sail smoothly through the waters.


  • Don’t forget to put a travel poster on your cabin door

Don’t forget to put a poster on your cabin door. This will let you identify your room easily and you can always find your way back, without bothering anyone. This is most helpful when you have kids as they know which cabin to enter after a hectic day on the ship.

  • Don’t dress inappropriately

‘No shirts, No shoes, No problems.’ This soothing line can give you goose bumps if you are not wearing dress according to the climate or the activity you are going to do. Go for sneakers instead of shoes/sandals if you are going on a tour that involves lots of walking. Also, make sure you remove any kind of jewelry before you head towards the port.

  • Don’t over pack

Or I will say don’t pack everything in one bag. Cabins are generally small in order to preserve space and it will be handy to visit beaches if you have multiple smaller bags. Examples of items which you shouldn’t carry at all – liquor or beer, clothes iron, candles etc.


  • Don’t book spa and other luxury services onboard

Make your reservations ahead of time by researching about the services of the spa. The first day of the cruise will be busy for the spa and you can avoid queuing by booking it prior to the start of the journey.

  • Don’t fall for cruise line products

Whether travel insurances or their health products in fitness centers, be skeptical about the products cruise line is trying to sell. Don’t blindly go for the products by getting influenced by the salespeople or the fitness trainers on board.

  • Don’t leave your phone on

I have Airtel’s international plan due to which I only need to pay $6 for all data I can need in a day. Suddenly I was overusing, thanks to all those applications, which were getting updated in the background of which I ended up paying $200. You may also incur roaming charges from your internet service provider if your phone is on.


Cruises often sail in the international waters and the journey becomes delighting if we are not only disconnected physically but also technologically from the rest of the world.

  • Don’t get your teeth whitened

Among other exciting services offered during the journey, teeth whitening packages shall make their presence felt. Never go for that, just don’t go. Researchers found that the chemicals used for whitening the teeth during cruise vacations can damage the protein structure of the teeth and can harm your gum sensitivity.  So if you want to avoid sore mouth, please don’t opt for them

Cruise vacations are generally awesome when they sail you away from the mainland. Know these Don’ts to make your cruise vacation a bliss and free from any hassle.

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