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April 7, 2017
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Makeup hacks have been around since the times of our great grandmother who made lipstick from petroleum jelly and beetroot. To look beautiful in photographs, you need to know about makeup hacks that are creative and that which saves time and transforms your look in the least possible time. Right from creating the fuller lips with the ombre technique of employing Scotch tape for creating a sharp edge on the eyeliner, you may select the top five makeup hacks to look beautiful.


Each makeup hack guarantees that you will get addicted to them and wonder why you did not try before.

Baking the face to conceal the lines and creases

The technique of baking the face is simply going mega mainstream this season. Also called cooking, what you need to do here is apply the layers of translucent powder on your face over the concealer. Now leave it like that for 10 minutes. The natural heat of the body will just bake concealer into the lines and creases of the skin. This will give a gorgeous and long-lasting finish.

Ombre your luscious lips

Are you obsessed with the lips of Kylie Jennifer? If that is so, you may ombre your lips to attain a full pout effect without any injection. Use the items like lip liner, lipstick, concealer, clear gloss in order to create an illusion of fullness and faded look. Within a minute’s time, you will have simply glamorous and full pouted lips. Choose subtle colours for every day usage.


Contour your face

It may not be possible for you to contour your face on a regular basis, but you may still use face contouring techniques to make even the ordinary face look amazing. You need to highlight your cheeks and thus add a bit of depth to your cheeks.

It is important to keep your brows sharp, neat and well groomed. For those who have light eyebrows, they can use liners, Kajal and mascara define the look. Make sure you use eyeliner everyday in a subtle manner. This way you may attain a classy but fierce look. Learn the ways of applying mascara. Gently sweep the brush through your eyelashes to attain beautiful eyes. Make sure the makeup product is fresh and is devoid of clumps.

Do not take your nails for granted

There are many who have a casual approach towards their nails. Since nails are the first thing to be noticed after your hair, they must be neat and clear.  If you are a classy lady, do consider French manicure. No matter what nail art you prefer, add some of your favorite colors to convey your own style statement.


Mind your neck

When you apply makeup, do mind your neck. It cannot be ignored and should be cared for just like the face. Indeed the neck defines the entire look of the face. The skin tone of your neck must match with the face after you apply makeup. Never forget to apply foundation on the neck.

To save yourself from an unhealthy skin and dark circles, you must sleep for 8 hours a day. For those who have oily skin, they must apply an oil-free powder. Always keep a mirror in your purse to find how you look.

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