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We all love watching the portrait photos shot by our family, friends, and others. If the portrait photo is well taken, it can narrate a story, create mystery and bring the memories of the past. A well-taken portrait photo also speaks about the personality of an individual. You may follow important tips for taking portrait photos.

Choose a simple and less cluttered background

In the portrait photography, the background plays an important role. The background must not intervene with the subject since portrait photography is all about someone else’s face. The background choice must be proper. For instance, if you are capturing the snap of a lawyer, better choose his office for taking the photo. There will be legal books, stacks of magazines to help you capture the very essence of his profession. You can also dim or blur the background to give it less importance.


Light factor is important to consider

You may take the photo in the natural light if you wish to attain the natural look with skin tones and natural colors. It is important to ensure that the object is not near to the sun. You may consider taking the photo indoors since in that case, you can control the light. Do not shoot the photo in the midday since there will be rays of the sun to add to the brightness. Use external flash and reflectors to light up the face.

Try out various apertures

You may either try out wide open aperture or a smaller aperture. If you wish to blur the background and highlight the subject, use the wide open aperture and vice versa.

Focus on the eyes

It is rightly remarked that eyes are windows to the heart and mirrors to the mind. You must focus on the eyes of the subject when taking a portrait photo. Since eyes have a lot to speak and reveal, you must focus on the eyes to let your portrait speak a story.

The angle and pose of face and body

When you are into portrait photography, you must know that angle and pose of the body, the face, plays an important role. The pose and angle of the body must be perfect. Try to spice up the portrait photo with some twist in expression. It can be an inviting smile, a fashionable and confident look or anything else. To take great portraits, one must experiment with poses and angles.


Make the subject comfortable

If you want to show the true personality of the subject through your portrait, try to make the subject comfortable. The subject must feel at home and expressions must come spontaneously.

Click a lot of portraits

Take hundreds of shots to attain a level of perfection that you are eyeing for. In this digital era, the digital photos do not cost anything. Take the shots in different places like parks, gardens, hotels, etc, with various poses and angles.


There can be hundreds of tips you can follow to take perfect portrait photographs. You must know how to position your camera and how to use it. Understand the different functions and features of your camera and keep experimenting with different shots.

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