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Success can only come to the one who has a right attitude towards life. When you are trying hard to attain success, there will be certain things in your path to screw things up. Persistence pays and moves a long way, but so does learning when to quit things. There are the top 9 things you must never do in order to be successful.

Stop doubting yourself

Lack of confidence is the greatest hurdle in the path of success. When you attempt success, confidence plays a huge role. To reach the next level, all it takes is confidence. So, just quit doubting your credentials and your abilities if you want to succeed.


Do not put things off

If anything is difficult, face it today and fight it out rather than avoiding it. Self-improvement and change is hard but never think of putting things aside and handling tomorrow. Since tomorrow never comes, face it today.

Avoid the thought that you have no choice

If you say that you have no option, then you are wrong. There is always an option available, but you sometimes can’t see it. The moment you think that you are left with no choice, you are being helpless. If you give up your power, it implies you are being the victim. However, successful people never ever give up their power.


Avoid doing the same thing again and again while expecting different results

It is your greatest mistake to think that by doing the same thing again and again, you will get different results. No matter how hard you try, if you do the same things, you will get only similar results. Just change your approach to get a different outcome no matter how hard it is.

Quit saying that everything will work out when time comes

It may seem tempting to think or say that things will be alright and work out in due course of time. However, do not make the mistake of thinking that your boss will give you promotion all by his own. You need to do your best and only then you will get the results. Everything will not work out magically and you need to take the initiative.


Stop saying ‘yes’ to everything

Do not say ‘yes’ to everything since doing that will mean saying ‘no’ to the other things. For example, if you say ‘yes’ to extra hours of work, it implies saying ‘no’ to the gym or other activities. It is found out recently that more you say ‘yes’ in your life, the more stressed, depressed and burnout you are.

Quit reflecting on what you ‘should’ have done

Well, the grass is always greener on the other side. We all have the tendency to think too much about what we ‘should’ have done rather than what we ‘have’ done. If you have taken an action you think is right, do not think about the alternatives to it.

Quit breaking your deadline

You cannot give an excuse that you had no time to do the work and hence you missed the deadline. Stick to your commitments and complete your tasks timely.

I am already satisfied

The moment you say that you have enough on your plate, your progress stops. Self-satisfaction is good but it must not stop you from achieving more in life.


To be successful, you must stop doing the above 9 things.

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