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We all have grown up listening to our parents, saying not to do this and not to do after eating food. Well, listening to them, adhering to what they say is not bad. By doing so, we are actually embracing a healthy lifestyle and taking care of ourselves.

You should eat healthy, enjoy sound sleep and exercise regularly. Food is the very important part of life and there are certain things, we must not do immediately after eating.

Do not smoke

The fact is already known that cigarette smoking is injurious to health. But, it is even more harmful to smoke after the meals. If you are addicted to smoking, you must wait for a few hours after eating and only then smoke. It is said that smoking a single cigarette after eating is similar to smoking 10 cigarettes. This increases the chance of getting lung cancer by 20%.


Avoid sleeping after meals

If you sleep after eating, you will gain more weight. In fact, your stomach burns through the night when you sleep after eating and also causes bloating, discomfort, disturbed sleeping patterns. So, after eating, you must not sleep for at least 3 hours.

Say ‘No’ to shower

You must try and shower before eating and not after your meals. Showering after meals can weaken your digestive system as the blood flow increases towards the hands and legs and reduces towards the stomach. If you wish to bath after a meal, wait for at least 2 hours.


Drinking water

If you drink water after your meals, it will severely impact your digestion strength and also the food you took. You will not get adequate nutrition from the food you ate. Drinking water after meals can cause bloating. As water gives a cooling effect to the consumed food, you tend to become obese if you drink water after meals. Wait for an hour after the meal and then drink water.

Avoid eating fruits after meals

Fruits are healthy, but they should not be eaten after the meals. If you eat fruit after the meals, it will not give you any benefit. The easy-to-digest fruits take 20 minutes to digest or travel to the intestines from the stomach. If you eat fruits right after meals, it will get spoilt after being stuck up with the elements of food. Hence, it fails to travel from the stomach to the intestines timely.


Avoid drinking tea

After you complete your meals, do not drink tea. Tea comprises of tannic acid that tends to bind with the iron and protein in the food to result in poor iron absorption. Indeed, it may even lead to poor iron levels in the body. You already know that iron deficiency can cause weakness, dizziness, anemia and sluggishness.


There are many things you must not do after meals. To get the maximum energy from the food you intake, avoid doing the above 6 things after your meal sessions. You should not also loosen belts after your meals. If you have to loosen the belt, it means you have eaten too much.

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