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Dubai is one of the best holiday destinations which offer a unique experience you may not get anywhere else in the world.

With an Arabian backdrop and advanced lifestyle, Dubai is one of its kind place I the world.

While in Dubai, one can experience the Beduin culture while witnessing some of the most remarkable pieces of architecture. Dubai is not just a world-famous shopping destination, and the city of world records, but it is also an inimitable place which you must visit once in your lifetime.

Skydive Over The Artificial Island

In Dubai, you get a unique opportunity to skydive over the artificial archipelago “Palm Jumeirah”. This skydiving experience promises you of the top-notch adrenaline rush and the magnificent views from the top. Even, if you are not a trained skydiver, you can still do it.


Witness A Beauty of Nature in A Miracle Garden

Spread over  72000 sq. meter, the Dubai Miracle Garden houses over 45 million species of flowers. The topiary style majestic displays, traditional flower beds and the contemporary flower arrangements will leave you awestruck.

It is one of its kind garden in the middle of a desert, which you will not be able to see anywhere else in the world.

Ski In the Middle of the Desert

Dubai is the only place where you can ski, enjoy snow clad mountains, have fun in a snow park and relish hot drinks in the middle of a desert. The Ski Dubai, located in the Mall of Emirates is one of its kind indoor ski resort that spreads over an area of 22,500 sq. meter.

Snow bullet rides ad penguin encounters are among the other top attractions of the Ski Dubai.


Visit the Tallest Building in the World

You don’t get to see the tallest man-made building in the world every day. It can only be possible if you are in Dubai.

Dubai is famous for its exquisite buildings with mesmerizing designs and astounding architectures. One of the most inimitable experience you can have in Dubai is visiting “Burj Khalifa”, the tallest standing man-made structure.


When you reach the top, you get an enthralling view of the Dubai skyline, the clouds, and the sky. You feel as if you are standing in the middle of the ground and the sky.

Thrash the Sand Dunes in a Desert Safari

Desert safari in Dubai is one of the best experiences you can get when you visit this Gulf city. The Desert Safari takes you to the red sand dunes of Dubai which you thrash while sitting in a 4X4 SUV.


It would be one of the most thrilling rides you would ever experience in your life.

Visit the World’s Biggest Mall

Dubai is famous for shopping, but, I bet, you won’t be able to visit the “Dubai Mall” all at once.

Being the biggest mall in the world, it’s so big, that it’s impossible to visit the entire mall in one go. The 1200 retail outlets and 120 cafés enhance the grandeur of the mall in an amazing way.

However, if you go there, ensure that you don’t miss the underwater zoo and the Dubai aquarium located in the mall.

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  2. Shofey says:

    Dubai Travelling is always my dream. These places are one of the best places to visit in the world. Nice post.

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