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April 22, 2017
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Ssumier S Pasricha aka Pammi Aunty is taking the internet by a storm. His antics as middle aged Punjabi woman is not only making him famous with the general audience but also making a place in heart of celebrities like Rishi Kapoor, Gurinder Chadha etc. In this interview with DigiKarma, Ssumier talks about his journey and his vision.

Q. Can you describe for our readers, who you are, where you come from & what your journey so far has been like?

My journey has been very cliché. It had all the same components as any other meaningful journey – hardship, belief in oneself.  I have always been a creative person – I started my creative life early on in my schooling days, as a singer & I later joined theater and continued acting. After completing school in New Delhi, I moved to Australia and for a while stopped thinking about my passion and dreams of being in the creative field. I  was brought up in a business family where we were always taught that most singers/actors dancer couldn’t earn a  decent livelihood. To quote my family, “Yeh dhakke khaane wale kaam hote hai”. I was happy believing in this for a while & I continued to pursue my master’s degree while doing odd jobs to satisfy my ego and family wish. Later though I realized that I was losing myself to something that I was not & all I wanted to become was an actor. I said, “Jo hoga dekha jayega” & here I am- following my Dream and Passion against everyone’s wish.

Q. After having worked in television, theater & movies what made you choose social media for Pammi Aunty?

It was more like social media chose me.  Necessity is the mother of invention, so when I was not getting good work in television after a year or so sabbatical I believed I had no option left. That is when, without thinking much I tried my hands on social media and the results were great.

Q. Which medium do you prefer most? What is your first love?

Theatre will always be my first love as I first started my Acting career from there. I have done close to 15 years of theater & still take out time from whatever I may be doing, to be part of a great play if I fit the role. Currently, I am working on a brilliant play called ‘Amavas Se Amaltas’, in which I play an Autistic child of a judge retired from Juvenile Court played by Jayati Bhatia.

Q. I am sure you have been asked a lot about from where Pammi Aunty originated, but let’s skip that and hear more about the process behind it – Scripts, makeup, editing etc.

Process? (Laughs) Well, there is no rocket science in becoming Pammi aunty. All I do is put on a face mask & sunglasses, roll a towel, stick some Rollers on it. Pammi is ready in less than 5 minutes- like a noodle

Also, I don’t edit my videos. I make sure they are done in one take or even if requires 2 to 3 takes they are one shot so I don’t need any editing. I am not very tech savvy so I like to just record a video and post it without needing any editing software.

Scripting – yes I do put some mind into what I will talk about, like new & relatable topics. Pammi aunty is such a diverse character that she can talk about anything and everything just like your mom or mine. She is up front and has an opinion about all the possible topics even at a time when they don’t make any sense (wink wink) that’s her beauty! Pammi aunty is just from our homes – we have all seen her in our house, family or neighborhood.

Q. We heard that you’re a classically trained singer and dancer. What’s the story behind that?

I started my career as a singer in school & when my teachers saw my potential, they convinced my parents to get me formal vocal music training. That was when I started learning ‘Indian Classical’ music from Vipin Chandra Maudgalaya at Gandharv Mahavidyalaya, from the age of 7yrs. After that, I learned light music ‘Ghazals’ from Baisakhi Samajdar. I also learned ‘Carnatic music’ but received no formal training for that though. Hence, I was more of a singer during my school time than an Actor – I even got Modern’s RAFL Title at my School Graduation.


Nowadays, since lots of talented Actors are singing and dancing, I hope during my career I get a chance to record a song for myself or someone at the least.

Q. You believe in astrology and numerology. Is that the reason behind an extra ’S’ in your name? What would you say to those who think this is a superstition?

Yes, I do believe in Karma, Astrology as well as Numerology. One thing that might not know about me is that I have also been an astrologer for 12 yrs. I can read horoscopes, faces and can even do Numerology and Tarot reading. Hence, yes I have an extra S which I believed will help me in the long run.

To those who don’t believe in this, it is their prerogative-‘Maano ya na Maano’

Q. We have also heard that you have mastered various languages. Was it a requirement or is this a hobby of yours? Do you plan on creating multi-lingual characters?

I have a thing for learning languages & overall, I speak 6 languages. I was blessed with Hindi, English & being born in a Punjabi family, I also learned Punjabi. My dad’s business was in Hyderabad so I used to go there for business meetings and started learning Telugu. Also my Kuchipudi dance Guru – Raja Radha Reddy is from Telangana, that made me more curious towards learning Telegu. Bengali, because of my music teacher in school who was who taught me the language & Spanish because my first girlfriend was Spanish.

As far as multilingual characters go, (Laughs) I doubt I may create but we never know.

Instagram Handle for Ssumier S Pasricha (@ssumier.official) 


Q. Was cross dressing a conscious decision or an organic development with the idea?

As I chose to become an Aunty in my character – in specific Pammi Aunty, cross-dressing wasn’t much of a choice. So it was both conscious and organic.

Q. How does it feel to be an internet sensation, which is not only famous with celebrities but also with their mothers?

I feel truly blessed to be part of their lives.

Q. Who would you consider your ideal or the one person you want to work with? Do you follow anyone’s work?

Yes, I follow lots of Hollywood celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres and British Comedian Brendan O’Carroll. Also, I hope to work with Mr. Amitabh Bachchan someday.

Q. How do you market your work?

I have a team to handle my work for marketing. I believe the best way to handle one’s work is to know what the competitors are doing and to do things differently to stay in the race. Also, try to market yourself intelligently as it is all a business nowadays.

Facebook Page for Ssumier S Pasricha (@SsumierSPasricha) 


Q. You endorse a lot of brands. What’s your take on the current celebrity bashing of those who endorse fairness creams?

I believe that every Celebrity has the right to choose what they want to endorse (or not). If I do not agree with a product, it doesn’t mean everybody has to be in alignment with my thought process. I do what I believe in, and then I don’t care whether someone agrees with me or not. There is a buyer for everything.

Q. Thank you so much for taking out time to talk with us. Anything you want to say to our readers?

Believe in yourself and follow your dreams because if you will not fight for your passion no one else will fight for Your journey.

Note: This Interview was taken by Ash from DigiKarma.

Facebook Page for Ash (@officiallyAsh) 


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