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Constipation is that bowel condition where an individual cannot pass bowel for ten days or at least a week. People suffering from terrible constipation have to undergo embarrassing problems in life and this affects their daily living. Some of the symptoms of constipation are painful cramps, gas and the feeling of heaviness. Such symptoms make this problem simply unbearable. But, there are ways of overcoming constipation.


Drink water and stay hydrated

Constipation is the condition which is characterized by passing of hard stools. This is all due to the fact that your body is not hydrated properly. To get over with the shortage of water, you may increase your water intake and start drinking more and more fluids. It is important to drink at least 10 glasses of water every day or as recommended to you. If you drink less water, your body will get dehydrated to make constipation worse. Apart from this, make sure you avoid dehydrating drinks like black coffee or coffee. They tend to siphon off water from the body.


Fibrous diet

To increase the frequency or the consistency of bowel movement, you can boost the intake of fibrous rich food. Fiber makes way to the colon and collects excess water to bulk up the stool. This allows an easy evacuation. Some of the fruits that you should consume are kiwis, prunes, pears. They are the sources of insoluble fiber that can fabulously boost up the bowel movement. To increase the intake of dietary fiber, you may start consuming more of whole grains, green veggies, beans. When you are on a fiber rich diet, make sure you drink more and more water.

Eliminate the constipation culprits

There are some kinds of foods that can trigger the bowel and make it misbehave. You must definitely avoid the bowel blockers like cheese, milk, chocolates, unripe bananas, starchy foods. By avoiding such foods, you may improve the bowel frequency.

Regular exercise is important

In order to relieve the backed up bowels, you may consider the stretching exercises. It is important to consider stretching exercises and certain organ exercises. If you keep moving, your system will also function properly. If you want to avoid specific kinds of exercises, you can simply walk for 45 minutes every day. Physical exercise may improve your intestinal motility. It is important to incorporate leg shifts, jumping jacks into your exercise routine. To regulate your bowel movement, it is important to stay active. In fact, the most prominent cause of constipation is the lack of physical activity, lack of fluids and sedentary lifestyle.

Epsom salt to relieve constipation


This is the most effective way of getting rid of constipation. Epsom salt softens the stool and thus. it may pass easily. You need to take a glass of juice and add 2 teaspoons of this salt and drink. Apart from softening the stools, the salt will also allow the contraction of bowel muscles.

Natural remedies to relieve constipation are the best way to get rid of this embarrassing problem. You may choose any of the 2-3 above mentioned methods to get rid of the constipation problem forever.

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    As I have gone through description of relieving Constipation I noticed each and every point is describing softening stools but what about if the stool is soft and you don’t have any digestion problem how to make anus open easily for the flush of stool which uneasy opening effected crack by the side of it and it burns while stool flush because of chillies and salt and still you are giving medicine of piles and constipation.

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