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Everyone knows that is very important to brush twice a day with a good toothpaste to have clean and healthy teeth. The common ingredients that are present in a toothpaste include fluoride, sodium mono fluorophosphate, stannous fluoride and sodium fluoride.


The fluoride present in the toothpaste provides protection mainly against probable cavities. The anti-microbial agents present in a toothpaste are very useful to kill bacteria and constrain their actions. It is very important that the taste of toothpaste you use for brushing is good and not unpleasant as it would become difficult to brush your teeth.

Ingredients Present in Toothpaste

The common ingredients that are used in some toothpaste to mask the taste of the bitter ingredients include peppermint oil, spearmint, sugar substitutes and cinnamon. Fruit extracts are also present in some toothpaste.  Apart from using toothpaste for brushing teeth, there are 8 different ways of using toothpaste for numerous other tasks in the household like cleaning.

Toothpaste for Cleaning Household Products

The different types of household products for which toothpaste is made use include:

  • Toothpaste can be used to repair DVD’s or CD that have small scratches on them
  • Marks on the wooden furniture caused by keeping a glass of water can be removed by use of toothpaste.
  • It is possible even to remove stains from your fabric by applying toothpaste on it.
  • Permanent marks on wooden furniture caused by pens and marker can be removed by the use of little toothpaste.
  • It is possible to remove chewing gum from the hair or from clothes if it gets stuck by use of toothpaste
  • You can polish your silver vessels at home like glasses, bowls, and spoons by making use of toothpaste. The silver vessels will look new after they are polished with toothpaste. Tarnish from silver jewelry can also be removed by using toothpaste.


  • To get rid of zits that occur on the face, you can use toothpaste which would help to get rid of them in no time.
  • Children often scribble on the wall with crayons and to remove the marks that make the wall look ugly toothpaste can be made use of.

Other Uses of Using Toothpaste

You can get away with the handling of smelly food after rubbing your hands with toothpaste. You just need to take little toothpaste in your hand and rub the paste on it and then wash it. The smell will vanish in no time. The white part on the canvas and sneakers shoes that get dirty while children play in school can get cleaned easily without any difficulty by using toothpaste on it.


The best way toothpaste can be made use of apart from use in a household is cleaning of piano keys, for cleaning scratches on mobile. Scratches that are caused by an iron can also be removed by use of toothpaste. The paste must be applied to the area with a cloth and gently scrubbed. You can use toothpaste not only for cleaning your teeth but even for cleaning your nails. The toothpaste must be scrubbed around as well as under the nails.

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  1. Muhanji says:

    Toothpaste is a basic need when it comes to hygiene. I like your insights on improvisation
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  2. amit says:

    nice sharing on Different Ways to Use Toothpaste. At now so many toothpaste are in market but when i used HERBAL PANCHTATVA TOOTHPASTE of Galway it give good results & in this effective cleaning agents leaves the teeth shining bright, protected from germs, healthy gums,strong roots and fresh breath

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