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May 21, 2017
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So, it is not your romantic date, it is an interview. There is a way of dressing for an interview and indeed you must be content with your looks and the way you appear before stepping out. You must dress in a manner that brings out your personality. Do not try to look impressive because there is no one to watch your appearance over there. The dressing style must show your professionalism. Let us check out the top 6 dressing rules when you are appearing for an interview.

Do not move overboard 

It is important to put some makeup but don’t appear too flashy. Too much makeup will make the appearance gaudy. Your main target should be to appear professional rather than appearing simply beautiful. One can put lip color and some mascara, but too much of anything will make you out of place. It is the thumb rule to dress one or two levels up. One can also dress in a conventional manner as that will not disqualify you. Pay attention to your nails and hair.


Dress as per the work culture 

If you are looking for a job, dress in a way that you appear fit for the post. It is important to look professional so that the prospective employee finds you fit for the position. Do not dress up casually or seem sloppy. For males, it is important to wear a dark colored suit, full sleeved shirt and proper shoes. Women can wear a suit with a skirt. Before showing up for an interview, you can watch how others in the company dress up.

Do not wear too much perfume 

Too much body spray or perfume may distract the interviewer. It is better if you can avoid the perfume altogether. Since different people have different tastes, it may happen that the interviewer finds the smell offensive. A perfume can create a negative impression on the interviewer.


Avoid the dark nail color 

Women must avoid wearing dark nail paint since that can again distract attention. It is not professional to wear a red nail polish or deep pink nail paint. You may go for metallic shades, brown colors. Nails must be either nude or can be in lighter color. Designs and sparkles must be avoided at any cost.

Wear glasses if you do 

There is no need to hide what you will appear at the later stage. If you wear glasses, there is no harm in wearing it during the interview. Be true to yourself and to your prospective employer. Prescribed glasses will make you appear more experienced and older. Thus, you must not hesitate to wear glasses.


Be comfortable in your attire  

If you are comfortable in what you are wearing, you will seem more confident. Wear formals that make you feel comfortable. To add to the confidence level, wear comfortable attire.

Do not aim at looking impressive, but try to appear confident and professional. Turn off your smartphone during the interview and avoid bringing a bottle of water or something. Even if it is Skype interview, you must dress up properly.

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