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The expanse of natural beauty in Canada from glaciers and mountains to the secluded lakes, forests, and gardens is unparalleled. The cosmopolitan city, Canada has immense allure as it is multicultural, friendly, safe and clean. Indeed, Canada is lauded as the most livable city in the world. Some of the best known places are Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver and they tend to highlight the various aspects of Canada. It is easy to get around Canada cities as they are smaller when compared to the cities of USA.

When kids are involved, vacations can hardly be normal. You should know the best places to visit in Canada with kids if you wish to travel with family. Let us check out places to visit in Canada where you may have fun with kids.

The CN Tower In Toronto For A Family Friendly Display 

Being the tallest building in the region, the CN Tower in Toronto is a defining landmark. It serves as the hub for telecommunication and is also the major tourist destination. The glass floor is sure to excite the kids and indeed there is Himalamazon Motion Theater Ride, the Maple Leaf Cinema that shows the history of the construction of the tower. It also shows a 3D display of ‘Legends of Flight Films’ and explores the history of the flight.


The Black Creek Pioneer Village: The Kid Friendly Village 

Black Creek Pioneer Village is the classical pioneer village which is full of historic buildings. Here kids can enjoy hands-on activities and the demonstrations of skills. Not only for kids, but it also has perks for adults like a microbrewery. There are a lot many similar villages to be checked out in Thunder Bay, Eastern Ontario.

Whistler: The Winter Wonderland 

Whistler is a fabulous winter wonderland for families where one just needs to take up the skis and indulge in some fun. Kids can enjoy an indoor playground, golf areas, scavenger hunts. This is the best place to spend summer vacation as kids may indulge in swimming, water sports and even trailing.


A Visit To Marineland 

Marineland is an amazing place where you can discover belugas and killer whales. Kids can be a part of the fun shows of sea lions, dolphins and walruses. Indeed, the marine mammals are a chief highlight here. The park located here offers a number of amusement rides for the kids. There is something for kids of every age from the Ocean of Odyssey to the Sky Screamers.

The Canadian Children’s Museum 

Are you looking to take your little ones to some place which is just meant for them? You may take your kids to the Canadian Children’s Museum in Gatineau. Kids of all ages can have complete fun in the museum and even learn several things. Since its opening in 1989, the museum is very popular.


The Toronto Zoo 

Being the largest zoo in the entire Canada, the Toronto Zoo has more than 460 species of animals. There is also a special children zone featuring a splash park and showing demonstrations.

So, we can say that there are various places in Canada to hang out with kids.

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  1. As far as being active-kids might want to try Pickleball. It is becoming more and more popular among younger players in Canada and the US. More and more parks are converting idle tennis courts (as tennis declines) into new pickleball courts…so really with just a simple paddle and ball it’s a great (and inexpensive) way for kids to keep active and a fun family activity.
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