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Have you ever wondered, why Winnie the Pooh loves to eat honey? There are so many virtues of honey that it is beyond imagination. There are various amazing benefits of honey both for health and skin. Honey in its purest form helps to act in several ways. Hence, it is called as liquid gold in various parts of the world.

Here are 9 amazing benefits of honey for health and skin

Energy Booster

You will be surprised to know that honey will give you the same energy boost as coffee or any energy drink will provide. The trick is to use natural honey instead of sugars, tea, cookies, and cakes. The glucose content in the honey helps to boost the energy level in your body.

Cures Cough

This is a remedy that has been passed down for centuries. Consuming honey helps to soothe the throat and addresses the bacteria that triggers bouts of a cough. The best way to address the same is to have a spoon of honey dissolved in lukewarm water.

Helps to cure Insomnia

If you are suffering from insomnia and often complain of sleepless nights, then honey is the best remedy for you. Have a glass of milk and honey and night and sleep soundly all night long.


Treats Burns

While cooking, if you ever get burnt then immediately apply honey over the wound. Not only does the properties in honey help to give you instant relief, but it also ensures that no mark is left behind.

Cures Hangover

If you are suffering from a severe bout of a hangover, then the best cure is to have some honey mixed in lukewarm water. Gulp down a few glasses and you will feel instant relief.

Makes hair silky

Who does not want silky hair? We all want to flaunt silky straight hair and spend a fortune at the salon to achieve the same. Applying honey and banana mask on the hair makes hair extra soft and silky in a jiffy.

Moisturizes Skin

Honey is an excellent source of natural moisturizing and it helps to replenish the moisture level of the skin instantly. You can apply a pack of honey and milk on your skin to make it look polished.


Removes tan from skin

Another miraculous virtue of honey is that it helps to remove tan from the skin. Tan leads to skin darkening as well as a suffering from a burning sensation. Honey mixed with pure lemon extracts and fresh yogurt is an amazing way to address the area suffering from tan. Firstly, it removes the darkness of the skin. Secondly, it soothes the skin and reliefs it from the burning sensation.

Triggers weight loss

Consumption of honey with lukewarm water and lemon drops are known to suppress one’s appetite and it also acts as a natural body cleanser.

There are numerous amazing benefits of honey for health and skin. The above are only a few of them.

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