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Psyllium husk, also known as Psyllium, Isphaghula, Isabgol, is derived from the Plantago ovate plant. It is highly nutritious and offers an array of health benefits. Psyllium husk is the high fiber supplements used so much in the preparation of colon cleanser kits. So, it is the kind of fiber which is known as a laxative. It can benefit various parts of the body, including the pancreas and the heart.


Strengthen the heart health with psyllium 

As per the researchers, if you can intake soluble fibers, it will help to manage your cholesterol levels. People over the age of 50 needs to regulate the level of cholesterol even more. If the cholesterol is regulated, there is no fear of strokes and heart diseases. If an obese person can intake psyllium for 6 weeks, he can reduce weight and regulate the cholesterol. If the cholesterol is high, this can affect your heart. Psyllium can be taken as the part of a healthy diet to improve the heart health.

Reduce weight with psyllium 

For many people, maintaining a healthy weight is the chief concern. Those with diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure need to control their weight. As psyllium can absorb the water in the body, it can let you feel full. So, you may control the amount of food that is consumed.

Reduces the sugar level of the blood 

Psyllium can reduce the blood sugar level in a fabulous manner. People who have diabetes, they need to watch the diet to maintain a balance of blood sugar and insulin. As per the researchers, psyllium fiber can maintain the glycemic balance. If you can intake 5 grams of psyllium twice daily, it can help those with Type 2 diabetes.

The prebiotic effect of psyllium 

Probiotics refer to the non-digestible compound nourishing the intestinal bacteria and allowing them to grow. Psyllium has a prebiotic effect and the small portion of psyllium may be fermented by the bacteria in the intestines. This fermentation mechanism can produce SCFA or short chain fatty acids. This again offers health benefits. One might intake 10 grams of psyllium for a few months to increase the SCFA production. As psyllium ferments in a slow manner, there is no digestive discomfort.

Psyllium: an excellent source of dietary fiber 

There are several fruits and vegetables that are rich in fiber and are good for health. Psyllium is extremely rich in fiber and so it is the fabulous source of dietary fiber. As the husks do not pass the digestive tract, it helps in building softer and bulkier stools.

Psyllium makes the bowel movement much easier 

The bulk forming laxative, Psyllium can soak up the water in the gut to ease the bowel movement. It helps in promoting regularity without any increase in flatulence. If you suffer from constipation than psyllium is meant for you.


Cures Diarrhea 

Psyllium helps in relieving diarrhea and constipation. You may consume it with curd to help soak water present in the digestive tract. It relieves you from the symptoms of diarrhea.

From the above 7 benefits, it is clear that one must consume, high in fiber, psyllium.

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