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The workplace is our second home. We spend more time at work with our colleagues than our own family members. Starting breakfast onwards right up to evening tea & snacks …. sometimes dinner too on a busy day we are with a bunch of people who become our friends once we are through with college life.
Once we are in a particular group in office, we start sharing our routines, lifestyle & also our feelings with this set of people. We often hang out with same people even after office hours.

In short, life starts revolving around these friends whatever we choose to call them …..office mates, colleagues, friends etc.Chit-chatting and sometimes gossiping also becomes a part of the routine which is to an extent fine … as long as one is not harming anyone emotionally.

What happens when you see the people of the same set start growing professionally or achieving something extraordinary for which they get rewarded & get extra attention/recognition from seniors & everyone around as well.

Do you accept it in a positive manner? Being human, no matter what one can feel envy or jealousy even if they are close.Can you accept this fact?

Again, it is perfectly all right to feel this way, we have been experiencing this since our childhood, amongst our family, friends & neighbors.
Well, how do people react when someone does well in his life?

The question now is… how to deal with it?

• Firstly do not feel disheartened or disappointed in case the other person did not share her/ his plans while she/he was growing. Not everyone shares everything with you. No matter how close you are.

•Accept the fact that the other person does have some skills & he/she is actually working harder or smarter to get it.

• Appreciation is the key. Always appreciate your fellow colleagues even if you are not close personally this will surely improve your professional relationship if not personal.Appreciate them on social forums, in front of everyone. Show them you are happy for them.

• Do not talk negatively about anyone’s success. If you find anyone doing it, find a way to exit that conversation or group.Disconnect with negative people and gossipers.

• Get inspired instead of getting jealous. Try and see what you can do extra as per your capabilities.

You do not work to remain in the same position forever, while you need to observe and analyze,  being ambitious or a bit selfish is also important.We all work for our professional as well personal growth.

They say that ‘grass is always greener on the other side’ which is true because each and everyone goes through some struggle or hardships to get somewhere. So, accept that and stay positive.

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Nishtha Sharma
Nishtha Sharma
French linguist, Asst.Professor, Author (series of French books),Traveler.

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