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Forts and castles remind one of the battles, royalty, and power. They bear testimony to the history of a country that spans for thousands of years. Indeed, the forts do evoke a great sense of nostalgia and thus Forts are the top tourist destinations so much considered by the tourists. Let us check out the top 10 European forts.

Konigstein Fortress in Germany

Also known as Saxon Bastille, the Konigstein Fortress in Germany is on the hilltop near to Dresden in Saxon Germany. Situated on the left bank of the River Elbe, the fortress is the largest one in the entire Europe. Sitting on the Konigstein Plateau, it is around 400 years old. Here you also find 152.5 meters of deep well located at the center. This well is the second deepest well in the Europe.


Fort Vancouver in Washington 

Fort Vancouver in Washington was established for commercial purposes and not for defense. Its outpost was established by Hudson Bay Company along Columbia River when it was winter between 1824 and 1825. This fort was destroyed and then rebuilt. The fort remained active site during the world wars and up till 2011. You may tour the fort and visit some of the best-restored buildings like Bake House and Blacksmith Shop where the workers tend to employ accurate techniques in the reenactment of life.

Fort Verde in Arizona 

When you talk about the Fort dotting the western frontier of Europe, you cannot leave out Fort Verde. Being the part of Fort Verde State Historical Park, this fort also houses history museum to preserve the site as existed during Apache Wars.

Fort Sumter in South California 

Situated in Charleston Harbor, the Fort Sumter is the interesting fortification by the Atlantic Coast. It was constructed mainly to protect the ports and harbors. To build the Sandbar here, nearly 70,000 tons of granite was imported. This fort is now the part of Fort Sumter National Monument.

Fort Gaines in Alabama 

This historic fort is magnificently located in the Dauphin Island, Alabama. Built in 1821, the fort played an active role in the Civil War and mainly in the Battle of Mobile Bay. Historical reenactment is very much the part of this fort, but still, it is an endangered historic fort.


Fort Ticonderoga, New York 

This is an 18th century star shaped fort located just near to Lake Champlain. From the 19th century, the Fort became a popular place for the tourists.

Fort Delaware, Delaware 

Situated on the Pea Patch Island, the Fort Delaware is the harbor defense facility. The Fort acted as the prison for the captured Confederate soldiers between 1848 and 1868.

Fort Halifax in Maine 

It is one of the first three major forts constructed along the northeastern waterways. During the American Revolution, it harbored troops on the way to Quebec.

Fort Independence in Massachusetts 

In the entire US, this is the most fortified fort. Situated on the Castle Island, the fort was the Garrison and served as an arms depot when there was a major conflict in the US.


The Alamo in Texas 

It was originally a Roman Catholic Mission where the famous battle of US was fought. When it was converted into garrisoned fortress, the Fort acquired the name of ‘Alamo’.


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