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Pomegranate, the thick-skinned wonder fruit is super seedy and carries the red hue. Pomegranate, also popularly known as the seeded apple, is extremely beneficial for health.

Owing to the presence of jewel-toned seeds, pomegranate is the symbol of fertility. Have a look at the top 8 health benefits of pomegranate juice.


Pomegranate juice for hair and skin 

Drinking the juice of this super fruit benefits our skin and health. The juice of this fruit is as very beneficial as the fruit itself. The peel of the fruit carries maximum antioxidant that gets released in abundance the moment you squeeze the fruit for juice. When compared to other fruits, it is pomegranate which has the maximum antioxidant. When you drink the juice, all the nutrients get assimilated into the bloodstream.


Pomegranate juice for cell regeneration 

Pomegranate is the fabulous source of punicic acid, ellagic acid, Omega 5 polyunsaturated fatty acids, which amazingly helps in cellular regeneration and cellular proliferation. Its juice is a great source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C and E. The juice is also rich in minerals like potassium, calcium, phosphorus, folic acid, and iron.

Pomegranate juice for heart health 

When it comes to the juice of the pomegranate, it has a positive effect on the heart health. Your arteries will stay flexible while it also reduces the inflammation of the lining of blood vessels. It is known for reducing atherosclerosis, which leads to heart ailments. The juice also helps in lowering bad cholesterol and replaces that with the good.

Maintains healthy blood sugar level 

Despite containing fructose, the pomegranate juice does not increase the blood sugar level. Even the diabetic patients can drink the pomegranate juice.


Pomegranate juice for blood pressure 

Pomegranate is such a wonder fruit that tends to reduce the high blood pressure. It reduces the inflammation in the blood vessels and reduces lesions. Being the natural aspirin, the juice can prevent blood from clotting or coagulation.

Reduces the risk of cancer 

Pomegranate juice prevents cancer as it has the ability to eliminate the free radicals and prevent the growth of deadly disease like cancer. It has a very high content of antioxidant that stimulates WBC to neutralize the body toxins. So, in a way, the juice promotes healthy and strong immune system. It also has the ability to induce apoptosis, which is the process whereby the cells tend to destroy themselves. Regular intake of the glass of pomegranate juice may prevent the development of cancerous cells.


Pomegranate juice for a strong immune system 

Having a very strong anti-bacterial and anti-microbial property, the juice of pomegranate can fight the bacteria and virus to strengthen the immunity system. It has the ability to reduce the microbes being found in the mouth.

Aids in digestion 

For the smooth functioning of heart, liver, and stomach, you must consider the juice of pomegranate. If consumed during the summer season, it can soothe the infection relating to the urinary tract.

From the above 8 benefits, it is clear that you should consume pomegranate juice.

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