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The benign stretch marks look ugly and are unsightly. There are some who live with the tiger marks or silvery lines while others find it extremely annoying and frustrating. You never know when the zebra lines may appear on your skin out of nowhere and that too without your permission. The worst part is that it is very difficult to get rid of stretch marks that refuse to respond to any of the treatments. People try out products after products in the hope of eliminating stretch marks only to notice that the marks are the most loyal things happened ever. Weight loss and pregnancy are the major causes of stretch marks. But, there are still some ways to make them less noticeable.


Moisturize the skin to improve the blood circulation 

Massaging the area with a good quality moisturizer is the best way to make the zebra marks less noticeable. To improve blood circulation in the area, regular massage is important. This will facilitate the growth of new tissue, which will make the marks less apparent.

You may buy massage creams that comprise almond oil, ceramides, Vitamin E or grape polyphenol. You may also visit a dermatologist to get the name of prescription cream or moisturizer. The skin will be resurfaced and you will see no marks after a few months.

Laser treatment for stretch marks 

If the stretch marks are extremely stubborn, you will have to talk to your dermatologist who would ask to undergo laser treatment. You will be prescribed the entire laser treatment course with the sublative laser. In the process, the pulses of fine laser light will be used to penetrate deeper into the skin to support the skin structure. The natural healing process removes the damaged tissue to pave the way for smooth skin. This all happens due to fresh elastin and collagen.


Chemical peels for stretch marks 

If the stretch marks have appeared newly, you may treat the marks with chemical peels. The chemical solution will be applied to the skin to peel off the layer of the skin carrying the marks. The surface gets replenished to reveal clear and smooth skin after a point of time. Clear and smooth skin replace the old layer.

Micro needling process to eliminate the marks 

Among all the micro-needling process, Dermapen is the popular one where micro-sized needles are employed to cause micro wounds on the skin. This triggers collagen production to help through the healing process.

The use of fractional CO2 laser treatment 

If you are looking for the best solution for the stretch marks, go for fractional CO2 laser. Here fractioned lasers are used to create microscopic wounds. Since the damage is caused in a controlled manner, the healing is initiated.


Aloe Vera: The best home remedy 

If you cannot afford expensive stretch mark treatments, you may choose aloe vera for treating the marks. Its healing and soothing property may help to rid stretch marks. Regularly massage the area with aloe vera gel, Vitamin E oil, and Vitamin A oil mixture.

The above 6 remedies are the top remedies for stretch marks. To remove the marks quickly, you may choose laser treatment.

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  1. Helena says:

    As symbolic as stretch marks, perhaps by pregnancy. It felt horrible to have those marks on my body. After I learned a few things you talk here how to moisturize the skin etc. It made a good improvement, I have a web site that is focused on stretch marks, because I know how frustrating it is to look in the mirror and see those marks.

  2. neamedical says:

    Its really helpful for me . Thanks for share this info.

  3. wonderful post, thanks for sharing with us.

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