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When the temperatures are just shooting up in summers, everyone is blaming global warming for the unbearable heat of the summers. Global warming has badly affected our ecosystems and is continually damaging the ecological balance of nature.

In the last 50 years, the global temperature of the earth has increased by 3%, and it will keep on increasing till the time we do something to reduce the impact of global warming.

What is Global Warming?

The gradual heating of the earth’s surface, atmosphere, oceans and the icebergs on the northern and southern poles is a phenomenon that is referred as “Global Warming”. The continuous evolution of carbon dioxide contributes towards the greenhouse effect, which traps the sun’s radiations and prevents them from leaving the earth’s atmosphere.

As the radiations get trapped, they increase the underlying temperature of the earth. Moreover, the other practices like cutting of trees, clearance of forests etc. are also the contributing factors in global warming.


One of the practices that need to be curbed is the burning of fossil fuel like oil, coal, natural gas, etc., as the carbon dioxide emitted by these greatly enhances the global warming.

How Can we Reduce The Impact of Global Warming?

We can do a number of things to reduce the global warming effect and prevent the earth’s temperature from rising further.

Useless Air Conditioners and Heaters

Look out for best alternatives to reduce the temperature in your house and offices, so that, the use of air conditioners and heaters can be reduced. By setting your thermostat just 2 degrees higher and lower in summers and winters respectively will save approx. 2000 pounds of carbon dioxide every year.

Replace CFLs with LEDs

Replacing the CFLs with LEDs will not only help you lower down your power bills but, will reduce the consumption of electricity globally, thereby, reducing the need to generate electricity using the fossil fuels. Eventually, it will help in decreasing the carbon dioxide emission.

Plant More Trees

Trees consume carbon dioxide and release oxygen which is vital for survival. Moreover, trees help in lowering down temperatures, thereby, reducing the need for air conditioners in summers. So, plant more trees in your vicinity and wherever possible.


Drive Less and Drive Smart

Use less fuel, drive less and wherever possible either use the public transport or pool the car. Lesser consumption of fuel means the lesser emission of carbon dioxide.

Invest in Energy Efficient Products

These products will not only prove economical in the long run but, will also contribute to the protection of the environment.

Switch Off the Appliances When Not In Use

We can save a lot of electricity by simply switching off the appliances, lights, and fans when they aren’t being used. It is a very simple habit to develop, but, it can yield fruitful results in lowering down the temperature of the earth.

Recycle More

Recycling implies lesser waste, and a lesser need to develop new products using the industrial processes. Ultimately, it will help in conserving the fuel and other natural resources whilst reducing the emission of carbon dioxide.

While most of us believe that it is the government’s responsibility to tackle such global issues and find out ways to protect the earth’s environment. But, being the residents of this planet, it is our responsibility to contribute towards its protection.

So, go ahead, and develop a habit to plant one tree every month!!!

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