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June 14, 2017
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The quality of air is constantly degrading in many cities across the globe and the air pollution is increasing at an alarming rate. The rising air pollution is being linked to several health issues. In fact, IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) has recently classified the air pollution as carcinogenic, that is, it has the potential to cause cancer in humans. The cases of cancer have increased considerably in cities and today, many people are suffering from this life threatening disease.


Not only this, the constant exposure to the air pollution can become the root cause of many other ailments. Here are the top 7 ways in which air pollution and the pollutants present in it affect our health:

Slowed Cognition in School Children

The rising levels of air pollution can affect the brain development in children. One of the recent studies concluded that the children who attend schools in the polluted regions show slower cognition as compared to the ones who attend school in less air-polluted areas.

Impact On The Lung Function

The areas where air pollution is higher, have a higher number of people suffering from lung ailments such as asthma, bronchitis, seasonal allergies, respiratory problems, lung infections and much more.

Increased Cases of COPD

Air pollution has a direct impact on the health of people. The rising air pollution is causing many health troubles including increased cases of COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). The number of people suffering from COPD is constantly increasing in the polluted cities as compared to less polluted ones.


Air Pollution is being Linked to Autism

The disorders like autism are on the rise for quite some time, and researchers show that air pollution is one of the contributing factors behind this. The exposure to pollutants and toxic metals is responsible for the development of autism in children. Not only this, the pregnant women who are exposed to air pollution are also putting their kids at risk.

Damage to Immune System

Constant exposure to the air pollutants damages the immune system, and consequently, it becomes weak. As a result, it’s not able to fight off the various viruses and bacteria which enter our body to cause illnesses.


Heart Problems

The higher amount of particulate pollution has become one of the leading causes of the cardiovascular troubles and heart problems. The people living in polluted cities are at an increased risk of heart attacks and cardiac ailments.

Coughing and Wheezing

Owing to the air pollution, coughing and wheezing have become common problems among people. The children get affected more by the pollution, and thus, suffer from problems like excessive coughing. The particles in the pollution cause troubles in the throat, and often affect the lung function.

One of the best ways to reduce air pollution and many other environmental problems is to plant as many trees as possible. Secondly, we must indulge in healthy eating and lifestyle to reduce the impact of the damage caused by the air pollutants on our health.

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  1. Pollution is always destroying our nature. That is reason its affects on our health. I read your article its very informative thanks to sharing with us.

  2. sam says:

    Hi, this is really a good article about polluted air and it’s effects, Indoor air is typically 2 to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air. We also should be careful about that too.
    Like your work.
    Please check my blog and give your feedback.
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  3. sammy says:

    Exposure to indoor air pollution has been linked to the development of everything from infections to asthma to lung cancer. It can also cause less serious side effects such as headaches, nasal congestion, nausea, fatigue and dry eyes. Having a good air purifier at our home and office can definitely save us from many health hezards.
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