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June 23, 2017
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Who does not want to look good and sport a svelte figure? We, all crave for the same, but thanks to our constant hunger pangs and love for food no matter how much we try we end up failing miserably. However, do not fret, if you are one of those who always wants to keep munching, then we have the perfect solution for you.

We have the list of 10 food that you can eat in any quantity without worrying about weight gain. So, read on to know more about these super foods.


Yes, you can keep on gorging any amount of chicken as your heart or rather tummy desires. Amongst all the meats, chicken is the leanest of all. Chicken is not only easy to cook but delicious to eat. Also, it is known to contain certain kinds of proteins that make you feel fuller and also burns calories at a faster pace.


This vegetable is not only enriched with nutrients that help you fight cancer and stay healthy, but they also help you to stay in shape. You can do a lot with this versatile food – mix it with pasta, put in a salad or simply have a bowl of boiled veggies.



Yes, you heard us right, we are talking about potatoes indeed. They are enriched with loads of nutrients and fiber. So, you can have as much as boiled potato as you may desire.


We all know that an egg a day is a good for health. Eggs are loaded with good HDL cholesterol and an awesome source of protein.


This is an awesome superfood and no matter how you eat it will not make you put on weight. If you are a rice lover and cannot think of a meal without it, then this is the perfect solution to your issue. It is also low in cholesterol, cleanse your gut and helps you to feel full after a meal.



This is a great vegetable that is versatile in nature and can be teamed up with a plethora of options. It has very fewer calories almost nil. That makes it a super food as your body does not gain any calorie from eating it but rather burns calories in eating and digesting it.


This is a super fish that helps you stay both healthy and fit. It is enriched with Omega 3 fats and helps to detoxify the body.


You will be surprised to know that your boring apple also makes it to the list. Apples are made of 85% water, making it a great option for those who want to lose weight. Also, munching on an apple will help you stay full for a longer period of time.


Lean Meats

Lean meats might be a tad expensive, but they are healthier than normal meat and also low in calorie. All you need to do is to cook them in a low-fat way.


Losing weight does not mean that you need to abstain from eating junk food at all. You can indulge in smart junk like popcorn that fills you up and also does not add calories to your body. Remember, we are talking about plain sea salted ones.

So, next time you want to lose weight keep on eating the above list of 10 foods without thinking about weight gain.

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