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Thanks to our hectic lifestyle we often ignore ourselves and especially our body parts. What we do not realize is the fact that just like machines our bodies also suffer from wear and tear and it is about time that we start taking care of ourselves. Gradually, people across the world are walking up to the virtues of yoga. Practicing yoga has manifold advantages both mentally as well as physically. It is the time that we start using yoga, to cure ourselves of the pertinent issues like knee pain.

Here are the 5 yoga poses that you must try if you’re suffering from knee pain.

Chair Asana

This pose helps to build your muscles on the glutes, quads, and hamstrings. Keep the feet together. For this, you need to first bend your knees while pushing your hip backward. You have to do this in such a manner that the entire weight of your body falls on your knees.

Once your posture is right stretch your arms towards the ceiling while moving your torso away from your thighs. Try and keep this chair position for 6 breaths before releasing the same.

Tadasana Variation

Take a block and place it in between your inner thighs. This yoga pose teaches you the details of squatting and helps you work on your quads and inner thighs without putting much stress on your knees. If you are planning to lose weight from your thunder thighs, then this is also a good workout for same.


Stand in such a manner that the feet are placed in hip width apart. Place the block near the base of the pubic bone. Once the block is placed, roll the same towards the wall behind you so that your butt juts out resembling a duck. Then slowly go down, but try and move the block upwards. Hold this position for 15 seconds.

Forward Fold Pose

In this pose, you get to strengthen the muscles in your leg. For this, all you need to do is keep your legs straight and fold them forward in such a way that your knees bend deep, Place your palm on your calf muscles and press the heels of your hands on the muscle as you lift your hip. This cycle needs to be repeated 3 to 4 times.


Bridge Asana

This is a helpful yoga pose to get instant relief from knee pain. It also works on your quads and hamstrings. For this keep your legs apart and bend your knee. You can place a block between your inner thighs to make the yoga asana super effective. Now, lift your hips and squeeze your butt while doing the same. Hold this for 15 seconds before releasing the pose.


Janu Sirsasana Asana

This yoga pose is amazing for your knee pain. All you need to do is sit down and keep your legs extended in front. Bend your right knee and keep a trap beneath it.Then place your right foot on top of your left thigh. Try and put pressure on both legs. Hold the same for 5 seconds before releasing the same.


With daily practice of these yoga poses, you will start getting relief from knee pain.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Great way for someone who does yoga and has knee pain. Not only does it help with knee pain but you have fun doing it!

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