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Sometimes, we experience the heartburn as soon as we eat something in the morning. It is because some food items are not meant to be eaten on an empty stomach.

Such food items can cause a lot of discomforts when eaten empty stomach, and may even cause nausea, acid reflux, stomach ache, flatulence and much more. So, here we have created a list of food products which should never be eaten empty stomach:

Tea or Coffee

Though you need your daily dose of caffeine in the morning, ensure that you are pairing your morning tea or coffee with something like some wheat biscuits, or a rusk. If possible, have tea or coffee after the breakfast.

Consuming tea on the empty stomach may cause stomach discomfort or nausea, while coffee can increase the acidity in the stomach and worsen the symptoms of gastritis or acid reflux.

Carbonated Drinks

Whether sugar-free or with sugar, the carbonated drinks are a “BIG NO”, to be consumed on an empty stomach. Drinking the carbonated drinks empty stomach may reduce the blood supply to the stomach, and may damage the mucous membranes while slowing down the process of digestion. It may also lead to constipation.

Puff or Thin Crust Pastry

Nothing can be as tempting as a continental breakfast to kick start your day. But, danishes or croissants contain yeast, which is a type of microbe that can irritate the stomach lining and can cause flatulence.

Citrus Fruits

When eaten on an empty stomach, the citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruits, kiwis, etc. can increase gastritis, cause heartburn, and may irritate the inflamed lower esophagus.


If you already suffer from the stomach ulcers or acid reflux, you must avoid tomatoes in the morning. While tomatoes may taste great in the omelets, but, they are rich in tannic acid that can worsen the symptoms of acid reflux and can cause acidity in the stomach.


While bananas are good to be eaten with the breakfast, but, these may not be a good option for people suffering from heart ailments. Eating bananas on an empty stomach can significantly increase the amount of magnesium in the blood, and it may harm the heart.

Raw Green Vegetables

The raw vegetables are enriched with amino acids, and when eaten on an empty stomach, these can cause abdominal pain, flatulence, and heartburn.

Also, these are too high in fiber and consumption of vegetables like cucumber, spinach etc. can increase gastritis.


Though, milk is one of the healthiest things to drink, but, not when you have an empty stomach. In fact, you should avoid drinking milk in the morning can cause gastritis, flatulence, and discomfort in the stomach. Also, the lactic acid present in the milk may increase the acidic levels in the stomach, and the calcium when mixed with acid becomes salt.

Milk may also slow down your digestion and may make you feel fuller for the most part of the day.

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  1. Banana and Milk shock me the most… I didn’t know they can be harmful, definitely not in this way..

  2. Mason says:

    I have read about carbonated drinks and tea, but milk and vegies are quite something new.

  3. Mason says:

    Thanks for sharing such information!

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