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What if I tell you that you need to drink coffee to run faster, or you won’t be able to run faster if you don’t have your morning cup of coffee?

Well, you would ask that what’s the relation between running and coffee.

Caffeine and running are closely connected, and coffee is a good source of caffeine, that’s why coffee can make you a better runner.

Caffeine is one of the most widely used elements to increase the sports performance, and in fact, the caffeine pills are one of the best legal performance enhancing products taken by the runners before a race.

Coffee Enhances Mental Alertness 

Research shows that caffeine helps in boosting the mental alertness as well as your desire to run hard. Also, caffeine-rich coffee can help you deliver better performance for the long runs like a marathon or half marathon.

Coffee or caffeine reduces a runner’s perception of the effort, and thus, the runners don’t realize that they have been putting in a lot of effort to maintain their speed. Consequently, their level of mental stress does not increase, and they feel easy to run fast.

Coffee Increases Endorphins In The Brain

Coffee enhances the concentration of the endorphin hormone in the brain, and this is the same hormone which naturally produces a runner’s high. Thus, coffee is one of the best things to have before a race.

Coffee Increases The Body’s Ability To Use Fat As Fuel

This is one of the best things that coffee does for runners. We have a lot of stored fat in our body, and consumption of coffee increases the natural ability of the body to use the stored fat as a fuel source while conserving glycogen.

For the marathon runners, glycogen conservation is very vital to delivering outstanding performance in the last phase of the race.

While it’s not pretty clear that how caffeine, in the coffee, increases the fat utilization in the body, but, many health experts assume that the number of fatty acids in the blood stream increases due to coffee. As a result, the speed at which the body converts the fat into the usable energy also increases.


So, if you are planning to lose weight by running, it is a good news for you. Have your dose of caffeine through coffee, and then run for weight loss.

Coffee Gives You The Power To Run

Caffeine, in the coffee, improves the neuromuscular coordination in the body and enhances the body’s reaction time.

Improved neuromuscular coordination means that our brain becomes very fast in sending the signals to muscles for contracting and relaxing. Consequently, you run faster but with less effort.

With all these benefits, your performance in running would certainly improve after a coffee. So, now, if you have to run faster or impress someone with your running skills, consider having a cup of strong coffee before that!!!

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  1. MaleSensePro says:

    I don’t know about coffee helps in running but its does help to stay active especially morning coffee, I would try before the running let see what happened… 🙂

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