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30’s is the stage of, life when we women have discovered our style of dressing and are also comfortable with our body type. We know what looks good on us and what does not. We know which parts of our body to highlight and which one to camouflage. Indeed, we do not believe in body shaping and love the way we look.

Here are 7 fashion mistakes women in 30’s must avoid.

Clingy Clothes

The first fashion mistake that most women make during their 30’s is to wear clingy clothes. Please note we are not saying to wear loose clothes. What we are actually referring to is to abstain from wearing undersized and clingy clothes as no matter how fit and thin you are you will always look weird and crass in them.


Size matters

This is the time from when you would know exactly what looks good on you and which clothes to wear. It is also the time to look for a good tailor who can make you fitted clothes. Clothes that will highlight your body and camouflage your weaknesses. So try and avoid wearing ill-fitting clothes.

Avoid too much makeup

Too much makeup is not good at any age. Firstly, it is an eyesore and secondly, it damages the skin. So ensure that you go the subtle way. Try and use subtle makeup tricks to highlight your face. Also, ensure that every time you wear makeup only one particular part of your face is highlighted like the eyes or lips.

Overload of jewelry

You might be owning a plethora of unique jewelry pieces, but that does not mean that you wear all of them together. The trick to looking good is to wear only one statement jewelry at one time. Ensure that you let the single piece be the focus of your attire.


Untailored pants

Pants need to be fitted. Nothing is more uncouth than wearing loose or tight pants. Invest in a good pair of fitted trousers to look your best look forward. Also, ensure that the length of the pant is ideal not too short or too long.


The biggest mistake women make in their 30’s is to be relaxed when it comes to grooming. Though it is good to be relaxed, it does not mean that you overlook chipped nails. Invest some time in grooming and take care of your feet, your nails, and your frizzy hair. Remember, all these are part of your personality that needs to be taken care of. Hence, take time out for your grooming sessions.


Not accessorizing well

It is important to accessorize well. You need to remember that accessories have the power to make or break the way you look. Ensure that you accessorize your clothes with complementing shoes, bags, earrings, and rings. Try and avoid wearing the same color as it might make you look like a Christmas tree. However, do stick to the basics of wearing only silver or gold.

Avoid these 7 fashion mistakes women in 30’s must avoid and put your best fashion foot forward.

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  2. OMG! Most of the mistakes by me! Thanks for sharing otherwise I won’t never know about my mistakes.

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