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Who doesn’t want to cook their dishes like the top chefs, but, most of the times we lack in those super cool tricks that chefs use to make cooking easier while enhancing the taste of the dishes.

Here are the most invaluable kitchen hacks which are revealed by some of the great chefs from across the world. They use these hacks to keep things under control in their kitchen.

Seed The Pomegranate in A Few Seconds 

It’s completely unbelievable but true. Yes, you can de-seed the entire pomegranate in just a few seconds.


All you need to do is cut the fruit in two equal halves, and pat each half from the skin side with a wooden spoon or spatula, before placing a bowl under it. Once you start patting, you would see that all seeds will come out of the shell in just a few seconds.

Making Sugar Free and Completely Natural Ice Cream

If your kids crave for ice cream all the time, and you are afraid that if they eat too much of the ice cream made from unhealthy ingredients and sugar, it will harm their health, then here is a great trick from a renowned chef.

Simply cut a banana or a mango into cubes or small pieces, and put them in the freezer for two hours. Now, take them out, blend them well, and then use a scoop to present them as ice cream to your kids. If you want, you can add some sugar and nuts while blending to make the ice cream taste better. Also, you can try a combination of fruits.

Grating the Butter or Cheese

Sometimes, we also want to decorate or garnish our dishes with the grated butter or cheese, but, as soon as you start grating them, you end up having all butter melted in your hands or over the greater, and cheese becomes too soft.


But, if you place them in a freezer for about 30 – 45 minutes, they will freeze and then, it will become very easy to grate them.

Cool Your Wine In Minutes

Have some guests, and are out of cold wine, then this is perfect kitchen hack for you. Wrap a wet and thin towel around the wine bottle, and place it in a freezer. All it would take is 15 minutes and you will have a super chilled wine.

Avoid Fish From Sticking Onto the Grill

Grilling a fish becomes really messy when it starts sticking on the grill. No matter, how much oil you put, the fish will always stick to the grill.


But, when you use lemons, it won’t stick. Place sliced lemons on either side of the grill and place your fish onto the layer of lemons. It will not only prevent the fish from sticking but, will also give an amazing taste and aroma to the cooked fish.

Make Your Batter Rise Faster

If your batter takes too long to rise, then you use this simple trick. Take a cup full of water and place it in the microwave and wait till it starts boiling. Then, place the covered batter in the microwave with the glass of water, and it will rise shortly.

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