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July 13, 2017
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We all charge our phone and you must be wondering what rocket science can go behind it. Your phone runs on charge and once it runs out of charge the same needs to be charged again. So, what is the big deal about it?

Well, there are a few charging mistakes that we do on a daily basis. Due to our negligence not only do we end up damaging the battery but at times also the phone.

Here are 6 Mobile phone charging mistakes we often make without realizing the same

Letting the battery run out of battery completely

This is a common mistake we often make. Instead of charging the phone when the battery is running low, what we end up doing is waiting till the battery becomes 0 % and switches off completely. Once our phone conks off, the lithium ions present in the battery lose a bit of power and weakens in the process. Hence, always put your phone on charge every time the “low battery” warning starts to come.

Not removing the phone case before charging

A lot of us are known to charge the phone with the phone case on. This is another mistake we indulge in. When we charge the phone with the case on it heats up the mobile phone which can lead to overheating that may even burst the phone.


Using the wireless charger

A lot of times we opt for wireless chargers and battery packs while on the go. Though these are life saviors one needs to understand that they tend to overheat your battery and phone. Also, due to excessive heating, the phone might also get damaged permanently.

Overheating while charging.

Please treat your phone with care. Most of the new age smart phones are known to function within a comfort temperature of 32 degrees to 95 degrees. Be careful when you put it for charging. Ensure that it does not get heated up too much while on charge. In such situations, when your phone is heated up to immediately disconnect it from the charger, and let it cool down before you use it.


Do not buy Knock off chargers

Many a time, we end up buying knock off cheap chargers. Firstly, they cost less. Secondly, they look attractive and comes in various colors too. However, these cheap charging options damage your phone in the long run. These cheaper versions are known to tax the battery of the phone and deplete its power. In the long run, it might result in the need to change the battery of the phone.


Overcharging the device

This is a gross mistake we all can vouch of indulging in. We put the mobile phone on charging and forget about the same completely. We do not realize the fact that once the phone is 100 % charged if we leave it on for long it starts to kill the lithium ions in the battery and weaken it in the process. So, actually instead of charging you are damaging the phone.

These are 6 mobile phone charging mistakes that we often make but do not realize the same.

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  18. Victor says:

    Hey Admin!

    I’m also facing this overheating issue, now only I realize that the overcharging of my mobile phones makes that problem. I used to charge my mobile phone mostly at night time, and the case also not removed from that. These are the mistakes I’ve made and thank you for giving such important details. Have a great day buddy!


  19. John Smith says:

    Hello, I am facing overheating issue while charging my android phone. I always charge my mobile with a real charger. What is the issue then?

  20. Oliver James says:

    Great Blog! Thanks for sharing such useful information. Everybody should follow these precautions while charging their phones.
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