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“Ram Nath Kovind”, the NDA candidate has been elected as the 14th President of India. Ram Nath Kovind managed to secure 65.6% votes, while his opponent, Meira Kumar only received 34.35% votes. The current president “Pranab Mukherjee” will end his term on 24th July’ 2017, and the Ram Nath Kovind will take oath on the 25th July to start serving the country from India’s highest ceremonial post.

Kovind has won with a clear majority and garnered the votes of 522 MPs, as compared to Meira Kumar, who was only able to win the support of 225 parliamentarians, but, still, he is one of the unknown names for people of India. People don’t know much about the new president as his name did not make it to the headlines a lot of times.

Here are the 8 things about Ram Nath Kovind that might surprise you

Kovind Is An Advocate By Profession

Ram Nath Kovind graduated in law from a college in Kanpur and started preparing for Indian Administrative Services. Though he failed twice, he achieved success in his third attempt, but, at that time, he was already selected for the allied services, and thus, started practicing law. He has practiced in Delhi High Court and Supreme Court.

Represented India In United Nations

Ram Nath Kovind has represented the country in the United Nations in New York, and also addressed the General Assembly of United Nations in 2002.

Second Dalit President

After R K Narayanan, Kovind is the second Dalit leader to have reached such an honorary position in the country.

Entered Politics In 1994

He entered the politics in 1994 and became an MP in Rajya Sabha from the biggest state of India, Uttar Pradesh. He served as the MP till 2006, by, being elected for two consecutive terms.

Represented Dalits Several Times

Kovind represented the Dalit people several times and led them on the different occasions. He served as the president of the BJP Dalit Morcha for four years, starting from 1998 to 2002. He was the SC/ST representative at the IIM-Calcutta and was also the president of All-India Koli Samaj.

Served As Governor Of Bihar

In 2015, Kovind was appointed as the Governor of Bihar and he was serving the same position when he was chosen as the BJP’s candidate for the presidential elections. He is well known for his Dalit outreach and clean image in his entire political career.

Served Prime Minister As Private Secretary 

In 1977, Kovind served the then Prime Minister “Morarji Desai” as his private secretary.  He even worked as the BJP’s national spokesperson and was also quite close to Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

Kovinds’ Family

Ram Nath Kovind is married to Savita Kovind and has a son named “Prashant Kumar” and the daughter “Swati”.

With a clean background and previous achievements, Ram Nath Kovind appears to be a promising president. It would be interesting to see what positive changes he introduces in the country.

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