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Our skin is very gentle and needs to be taken care of properly, especially, the facial skin. There are certain things which nourish the skin and thus, we must use them on the skin and there are also a few things that we must never apply on our face.

Here are 7 things that you must never ever apply on your face.

Body Lotion

There are times, when we run out of our facial moisturizer and at the Nth hour we resort to using the body lotion on the face. This is not advisable. We need to understand that most of our body lotions contain fragrances that are harsh and at times have traces of chemicals in them. We should try to abstain from using any such product on our facial skin as it might get damaged easily. If the chemicals are high in content, it can lead to acne bouts.



Yes, you heard us right. Thanks to the new trend, most people are these days, opting for a fixing spray to keep the makeup in place. At times, when they run out of this fixing spray, some of them we opt for the Hairspray. This is a big NO NO. Applying hair spray on the skin will lead to an instant rash that can turn very nasty, as chemicals based makeup is already there on the face.


Many people are known to apply vinegar on naked skin. This is mainly because vinegar has an acid content in it that helps to lighten the skin tone by a few notches. However, there are many cons of this beauty regime. Firstly, the vinegar we apply on our skin might not be mild and might damage the upper layer of the skin. Secondly, the vinegar might contain traces of chemicals that are bad for the skin.



There are many people out there who sometimes use a mild shampoo as a face wash. Please understand that the shampoo is only for the hair and please get hold of a good face wash for your face. Please do not mix these two as a shampoo is not a facial cleanser.


Now, we are not saying that you apply Deo spray directly on your face, but what we are referring to is to be careful when you are applying the deodorant spray on your body. Deo on the face will instantly lead to itching and rashes.


One of the renowned beauty regimes boasts of application of mayonnaise on your facial skin. Mayo is considered as a good moisturizer by many people. However, mayo is actually loaded with various ingredients that may end up clogging the open pores and triggering a severe case of acne. Hence, it is advisable to avoid the same.



We are guilty of applying a plethora of cosmetics on your face. Ensure that the cosmetics and makeup you opt for, are of good quality and have not expired. Cheap products damage the skin and expired products can cause rashes on your skin.

Take care of your facial skin by abstaining from these 7 things that you must never ever apply on your face.

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  1. MaleSensePro says:

    Well, I never tried to apply vinegar on my face understand it is an acid but I agree people have a myth that it would lighten the skin color but they less known about the other side… It is a very informative article you shared that is really useful for many people!

  2. Woderful post. I always love reading your blogs related to haircuts, hairstyles , beauty. Thanks for sharing.

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